Men really love your body language! Can’t hide

Words on your mouth can be faked, but the heart that truly loves you will be hidden in body language! According to the survey, 70% of men’s inner language is expressed by the body! If you look closely at the man’s body language, you can understand the character of the man from their movements and inner activities to see if he is a good person worthy of a lifetime commitment. 1. His face is full of fake smiles – he is lying. Smiles have magical powers that bring people closer to each other and make strangers instantly friends. In addition, smiles also play a particularly important role. Scientific research shows that the more times a person laughs, the more likely he is to be trusted by others. Therefore, in order to hide themselves, people are very good at using dangerous magic. They usually laugh very badly when they lie. It is not difficult to find a fake smile. In general, the duration of a real smile is 2/3 to 4 seconds. When a person’s smile lasts for more than 6 seconds, he must hide it from you. In addition, when he pretended to smile, the expression on both sides of his face would be a bit asymmetrical. A person who is used to the right hand, his left corner will be higher, and the “left hand” will make his right corner higher when he pretends to smile! When you are smirking, think about whether the man has concealed anything from you. 2. The speed of his speech suddenly increased – he did not know what he said. The sudden increase in the speed of speech mainly means that he does not know what he is talking about! In the subconscious, when a person encounters a topic he does not want to talk about or discovers some facts, he will have the idea of ​​”hoping that time will pass quickly.” He hopes that the audience can immediately end the topic, thus ending his embarrassment and anxiety. . If you find that he is defending his inner anxiety, he suddenly raises the speed and tone of voice. You can also remind him in a gentle tone, let him talk slowly and see what the person’s reaction is. If a man can’t help but speed up his speech, then he must be hiding something from you. Only by giving ourselves enough time to think, we can discover the flaws in his words! 3. He shook his head gently – he was very interested in you. It is widely believed that shaking the head does not mean rejection. In fact, shaking your head doesn’t mean anything. Psychologists believe that shaking their heads is a natural act. When the mother feeds the baby, the baby needs to swing the head left and right to get more milk. If a man shakes his head unconsciously while talking to you, it means that you remind him of the satisfaction of sucking milk in childhood. The study found that this strong psychological suggestion is often a prelude to the beginning of love! So when you find that the person opposite you is shaking your head, don’t think that he is not satisfied with what he is doing.