Scientific sexual behavior will add couples’ emotions

Sexual love is not only a mutual contact between husband and wife, but also a way for couples to enhance their feelings. Some couples can increase their feelings through sex, while some couples have lost their feelings because of sex. Why is this? Most of the reason is that one of many couples only considers themselves and ignores each other. Autumn couples should have proper abstinence. For men, the temperature difference between autumn and night is large and it is easy to get cold, which will affect prostate function. Because the cold will increase the excitability of the sympathetic nerve, causing glandular contraction, glandular duct and blood vessel dilation in the prostate, causing chronic congestion, aggravating the accumulation of prostatic fluid, leading to the onset of prostate disease, or exacerbating the symptoms of the original prostate disease. It is characterized by frequent urination, urgency, urination, and symptoms such as lower abdomen and perineal discomfort. At this time, if sex is frequent, it will increase the possibility of prostate disease. Therefore, in the fall, male sex should be measured, and at the same time, clothes should be added to prevent cold. For women, lower temperatures can reduce the sensitivity of women’s skin and affect sexual desire. And in the fall, “dry and evil”, it is easy to consume the body fluid. In the husband and wife life, women may have symptoms such as vaginal dryness, which not only affects the mood and joy of sexual intercourse, but also may cause pain and damage. Therefore, the frequency of sexual intercourse should be appropriately reduced in the fall, and the time of sexual foreplay can be appropriately extended before the incident to fully stimulate female sexual desire. In addition, you can eat some sour and moist foods such as lily, white fungus, autumn pear and so on. Xiao Bian recommended: Netizens recommend you to love the secrets of love and love: the rapid second climax of sexual orientation, sexually transmitted diseases, do not have sex, are suffering from certain serious organic diseases, and doctors have been unable to live sex, Do not reluctantly live a sexual life; suffering from tuberculosis is contagious and should also avoid sexual intercourse; Especially if you have a sexually transmitted disease, you can’t live a sexual life. Living with a sick life, not only suffers from it, but also passes it on to the lover, which should be avoided. When you are tired, you don’t want to have a certain amount of physical strength and energy when you are sexually active. When you are mentally or physically exhausted, you can’t reach the climax of sexual life, and you can’t get the satisfaction of both sides. In particular, having sex immediately after exertion can damage your health. If you are in a bad mood, you don’t want to have sex. If you have a bad mood when you are in a bad mood, you will not only get the harmony of sex life, but also make the emotionally unhappy side resent. If it occurs repeatedly, it will lead to the woman’s sexual indifference or the man’s impotence. Women do not have sex during a special period. During menstruation, the cervix is ​​open. At this time, sexual intercourse is extremely susceptible to infection, resulting in inflammation of the uterus or attachment. If you have sex prematurely after childbirth, it is easy to cause uterine incompetence and uterine bleeding. “Five colors” refers to sexual life before dawn. Because both sides do not get rest, the balance of the body is out of balance, reducing resistance; it will also affect work and learning efficiency due to excessive fatigue. Do not drink alcohol after sexual intercourse Some people are used to drinking after sex, and some even think that drinking after sex will “improve quality.” In fact, after drinking, especially when drinking a lot of hard alcohol, it will lead to the erection of the male penis is not strong or premature ejaculation, which hinders the harmony of sexual life; and the pregnancy will endanger the fetus. Sexual love should talk about hygiene in a dirty, messy environment, affecting the mental state of both men and women, and disrupting the success of sexual life; if the sexual organs are unsanitary, it will also pose a threat to the health of the other party, bringing pathogens such as bacteria into the environment. The other party’s body damages the health of the other party. On the contrary, a clean, pleasing environment and cleansing of the lower body before sexual intercourse will not only benefit the health of both parties, but also help the sex life to be harmonious and happy. Be prepared not to rush. Some people do not understand the special points of women’s physiology. If they are not prepared, they will be eager for sexual intercourse, or because of the rush of time, they will rush and accept the troops. These practices will not enable the woman to reach orgasm, not only will not have an interest in sex life, but will bring pain, which is the main reason for women’s sexual indifference. Using LELO’s sex toys in sex foreplay, slowly stimulate women’s sexual desire, slow sex. Do not eat or hungry sex due to satiety to fill the gastrointestinal tract and congestion, the brain and other organs of the blood supply is relatively insufficient, it is not appropriate to have sex after just finished eating; On the contrary, hungry, people’s physical strength is reduced, energy is not abundant, and at this time, sexual life is often not easy to achieve satisfactory results. Don’t be overly nervous or ashamed to be more common in newlyweds. Because the spirit is extremely nervous or too shy, it is easy to cause the male’s premature ejaculation, or the woman’s pain during sexual intercourse, affecting sexual pleasure. To try to maintain a relaxed and happy mood, the woman does not have to be ashamed of this. It should be calm and generous, and actively cooperate with her husband to make the sex life harmonious, full and happy. (Source: Netease – parent-child channel) Guess you like: Women’s fascination with sex skills, women’s eros, hot sex, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network two sex channels: