Will long-term asexual life affect feelings?

In the contemporary pressure of life, many couples are forced to separate for a long time, which will bring many problems to the marriage. The most serious problem is the problem of sexual life. Sexual disharmony has become the reason for many couples to divorce. So in the end, will long-term asexual life affect couples’ feelings? Let’s see how everyone views the relationship between sex life and marital relationship. 1. Long-term asexual life will affect couples’ feelings. Harmony of sexual life has always been neglected in China. When it comes to sexual issues, others will immediately accuse you of ulterior motives or bad intentions. In fact, a harmonious sex life plays an important role in maintaining the relationship between husband and wife. The disagreement between many couples is actually caused by this, but the “feelings of dissatisfaction” is more gentle and polite than the “sexual disharmony”, making it easy for people to accept, and the latter is difficult to be elegant. In some divorce cases, feelings are not a substitute for sexual life, and thus become a legitimate basis for divorce. Therefore, the maintenance of the relationship between husband and wife, although not entirely by the combination of sex, but if one or both sides have never been satisfied in the long-term sexual life, in any case is to affect the marital relationship. 2. What are the benefits of a harmonious sexual life? Maintaining a harmonious and regular sexual life between husband and wife not only makes the feelings more intimate, but also benefits the health of the body. The harmonious sexual love between husband and wife will enhance the body’s regulating function, make the endocrine relatively balanced, physiological functions operate normally, thus avoiding premature aging. It also makes people feel good and happy. 4. How do long-term separated couples have sex? If husband and wife are separated for a long time, they must maintain proper sex frequency. The best way is to get together once in a while to solve the pain of lovesickness. Moreover, this type of couple also needs to communicate on sexual issues, understand each other’s ideas, and live a better life. You can think of this kind of gathering as a relationship between husband and wife. After all, “small wins the new marriage”. But don’t be separated for too long. If you have a rare appearance in a few months, then the feelings will easily fade. 5, how to have a good sex life after childbirth, there is also a situation that is easy to cause husband and wife long-term asexual life, that is, pregnancy and childbirth. In the second trimester, sexual life is not promoted, plus the time of confinement, then couples will have no sex for a few months. In order not to affect the marital relationship, even if there is no substantive sexual life, then hugs and kisses are indispensable. In addition, postpartum women, the vagina will have more or less slack, which will affect the pleasure of sex. In order to make sex more perfect, it is best to exercise. Durex love Beads Durex is a private and compact dumbbell. It combines lightweight and heavy-duty dumbbells with tailor-made advanced training courses to help women find the best pelvic floor training method for them. Squeeze the inner beauty and make a sexy and firm woman. 6. Sexual life disharmony affects feelings. Not only does lack of sexual life affect affection, but if sexual life is not harmonious, it will also affect feelings. Nowadays, sexual disharmony has become one of the main reasons for urban divorce. Therefore, it is recommended that couples work together to create harmonious love. There are many ways to change sex time, place, use sex toys, etc. These new methods can make sex better.