What are the symptoms of the couple’s emotional problems?

Marriage needs to be managed. In marriage, there will always be friction between husband and wife because of such a thing. For a long time or even a crack, if it can be prevented in advance, then marriage will not develop to an irreparable point! I believe that many men and women will experience the following symptoms when they have emotional problems. Understanding these signs will help us find problems and make up for feelings. 1. Don’t talk about sweet words. Is it well known? It is a sweet talk to your wife, and you can add some teasing and ridiculous seasonings. If you take the time to praise her, the relationship between husband and wife is easier to get along with. The way to speak to a spouse is one of the elements that make the relationship between husband and wife harmonious. There are many ways to express a meaning, just look at what you say. If you are no longer interested in sweet talk to your partner, this is a bad sign. 2. One party is keen on social activities. This is the normal state of trouble in couples’ lives. Both of them are very busy with social interaction activities, but they are not interested in people around them. Both are busy attending various parties or gatherings between friends to avoid intimate contact between the two. When the two were alone at home, the old TV was left open and they were not willing to talk more. 3. Clothes worn during a date are not fit. A study in the United States reveals that among 2,500 women interviewed who claim to have a disharmonious and unhappy relationship, the average person gains 54 pounds in the 10 years after marriage. The increase in weight can increase their dominance and sense of accomplishment in the family for some women, while for others, it can protect themselves from unnecessary sexual harassment. Of course, the husband will also greatly reduce his interest. . 4, without a gentle touch of sexual life between husband and wife, there are many legitimate reasons to understand, such as the birth of a new child, work stress, nervousness, illness and so on. But if the other party has been indifferent for months, then the trouble is big, which means that there is an invisible wall between your hearts. In the long run, the family will not be home. 5, ashamed to put a group of two people on the table in the room without your photo of the group, even if there is, it is randomly placed in the pile of debris under the bed, covered with dust. At this time, you have to reflect on it. 6. Quietly waiting for the day to leave. “Sometimes I want to leave him. But I never dare to think about it, because I don’t know how others will look at me. It makes me feel very embarrassed. I have to blame myself for thinking about it and not paying attention to him.” If you always have such thoughts, then your marriage is very dangerous. 7. The psychology of not being willing to spend a long vacation with a partner is actually an enviable beauty in a holiday resort. However, if the vacation only chooses a short vacation, it means that you have no intention to stay with your partner for too long. Sometimes it is also a sign of a crack in your relationship. 8. The two people are not even normal in quarrels. This is the worst sign. Those young couples who quarrel all day are more likely to live together than those who are bored in their stomachs. Quarrels at least show that you have enthusiasm and have the courage to communicate in good faith. And the lazy and indifferent silence is the biggest sign of divorce. There are two kinds of quarrels between husband and wife: one is indignant, the anger is gone, everything is too peaceful; the second is faint, at this time it is overwhelming and irreparable.