Will long-term asexual life affect feelings?

In the contemporary pressure of life, many couples are forced to separate for a long time, which will bring many problems to the marriage. The most serious problem is the problem of sexual life. Sexual disharmony has become the reason for many couples to divorce. So in the end, will long-term asexual life affect couples’

Children become third parties in the sex life of couples

It is inevitable that men and women will have children, so that they can enjoy the happiness of the family and let life continue from generation to generation. However, children in the family are likely to become “third parties” that affect the sex life of couples. In order to make marriages happy, it is necessary

Have a baby, how to live a couple life

Q: After my wife gave birth to a cute baby, I transferred all my energy to my child. My sexual interest has been decreasing. What should I do? A: Women generally return to normal after about six weeks after childbirth. Half of the mothers are at least Sexual love loses “sexual interest” within half a

How to live a couple life after pregnancy

In October, pregnancy has added a lot of joy and hope to the lives of husband and wife, and the love of husband and wife has become more intense. In terms of sexual life, after pregnancy, in addition to the early and late stages of pregnancy, the woman will be slightly affected by sexual desire

How to discuss sexual life issues with my wife

Question: I feel a little bit incongruous with my wife’s sex life recently. It is worse than before. But every time she wants to talk to her wife, she is very embarrassed. I asked what, she said it was very good. An intellectual wife is sometimes very tired. How can I discuss the problems in