Cohabitation costs women to be cautious

In China, a conservative country, the hymen is an important criterion for verifying the purity of women. Many modern women like to choose cohabitation to try to marry. This looks nothing, but women pay an invisible price during cohabitation. So, what are the costs that women will pay during cohabitation? Women’s reputation Although we now say that we want men and women to be equal, if we really talk about equality, it’s really not easy to do it. From ancient times to the present, men’s cohabitation breakups, once again, will be honored as “fairy talents”. They are capable of having skills. They have multiple women and are the capital of men’s display. For women, it is miserable. The woman who keeps changing men is not glorious, and will be pointed by others, saying that women are “watery poplars” and “residual flowers and willows.” Sex life has the risk of pregnancy. If you live in a concomitant pregnancy, you have to go to a step of getting married and you have to have a miscarriage. Then the damage to women’s health is great, and it is easy to leave sequelae if not handled properly. The risk of pregnancy is almost entirely borne by women. The youth of a woman is no longer a woman in her twenties. It is the best age in her life. In the past few years, it is easy to turn a woman into a woman, do housework, worry, etc., which will make you look even more. Hey. However, men have a successful career and are prosperous. If they can’t enter the marriage at this time, who will accompany the woman’s second youth? When the woman’s economic loss is in love, the other party will resist all the economic pressure, but the cohabitation is different. The increase in living expenses requires women to take responsibility. Without the romance of love, there is more economic burden. And the economic burden of cohabitation is definitely much higher than when living in a single apartment. The psychological shadow of a woman, if you break up after cohabitation, then a large part of the memory left to the woman belongs to you, and it will become a psychological shadow. When men live together, they will become more experienced with women, and they will know how to please and cope with women. What they get is the confidence to deal with women. Women often leave psychological shadows and become less confident. A relationship is more inclined to marry than to enjoy love.