The left and right woman’s Lei Ren’s “Blind”

Nowadays, what is the most? Of course, there are leftover men and women, and the serious imbalance between men and women leads to the emergence of leftover men and women. With the increase of age, the remaining men and women who could not find the object were requisitioned by the blind date after another. In the face of the blind date, the girls always have a tear in their stomachs, saying that they can’t meet the reliable man; and the men are also full of emotions, saying that they can’t find the girl they like. Let’s take a look at the blind men and women who have leftover women. The older women said that they did not rely on a female master in Beijing. The winter vacation was one month, and there were more than 20 games. No one had follow-up development. In her words, the reason for the unsuccessful reason is that among the more than 20 blind date, no man is willing to take the initiative to pay the bill! The N female doctors in Wuhan have repeatedly hit the wall and are suspected of abandoning the “doctoral body”, but they are getting more and more Yong, spontaneously organized a “female doctor’s blind date group”, organized a group to go to a blind date! No marriage does not give up! Many female white-collar workers in Shanghai, the most important activity on the weekend is a blind date, and many people are arranged every day, even some people like the star “Generally, one hour, straight to Zhang Guan Li Dai, dizzy!! There are many new things like this. There are leftover women saying that “the fun of blind date is that after the end, you can go home and share with the girlfriends how talented men are today!” There is still a woman who said, “Don’t expect a blind date to meet the true man! The blind date, It’s like watching a comedy movie after the end of the work! It’s only for one fun!” Some girls who believe that they have met each other’s sincerity are feeling: “I still wait for love, just no longer blind date…” However, when leftover The sisters said that the blind date was so desperate, and they vowed never to go to the same time, they were opposite, the older men who were left by the girls to be called “Lee Ge” and “Lei Ye”, in my heart How do you think about it? Older men and young people are also very interesting. They have received a letter from a young man who has just experienced a blind date. It is quite interesting. After reading, I found that many girls complained that they were “remaining” because “men are too blind”, but listening to the voice of men, you will find that the answer is exactly the opposite. The letter from the left man is as follows: I and she were introduced through our best friends. She is 28 years old, and she is also a leftover woman. She can give me the impression that she is a perfect child. She doesn’t understand anything! It is reasonable to say that a 28-year-old woman should at least understand things, but she gives me the feeling that she is completely Not sensible, childish! In the process of getting along, I found some problems: 1. She is always not serious enough. When we are eating together, she is either an e-book that doesn’t leave, or a phone call and a text message, and I have a chat with me. I am saying that she is listening and occasionally reacting. 2, she has a colleague who is much older than her in a different place (it is said to be her master), she has to ask him anything, from eating, day to day to know the style of buying clothes, whether to buy, etc., all asked. My words are air for her. The most typical thing is that when we encounter differences, her opinions on me can be ignored directly. The opinion of the master is to listen to it (it is simply unreasonable)! 3. The most let me collapse is that we can watch movies together, she can Watching and texting and discussing the movie story with her friends! God! What kind of woman did I meet?! Say a reality that many left women are not willing to admit: they all say that the leftover woman is left because High standard. And a woman’s mate choice is too high, directly reflects the narcissistic complex in her heart. This part of women is concerned with the self. She has never used a rational attitude to examine the world’s evaluation of herself! Women’s faces can be free of wrinkles, but they have some experience in their hearts. Otherwise, I don’t know if I’m going to retreat to the big picture. Such a girlfriend is on the side and only makes the man feel tired. Like the 28-year-old girl in the letter of the male reader, she relies on and obeys the older master, and has a love affair. Usually the girl who loves the father has a strong sense of superiority. The behavior in love is inevitably “selfish”. Even if it is in love, it is not to seek the combination of love, but to seek another “father who loves her”. “. A girl is 28 years old and still single, showing that the road is not smooth. There is always a reason why a woman is often abandoned by love. One of them is because of her love and not enough concentration. How to do when a woman is in love is always abandoned by love, indicating that she does not understand “collaboration” at all, always doing the wrong thing when she is right. In love, charming women know how to use their eyes, gently look at each other, and their eyes rise slightly from the bottom up. This slightly respectful affirmation is the most fascinating for men. When I was on a date, when my girlfriend called, I tried to talk to my boyfriend’s girlfriend in the face of the microphone as much as possible.