Four places are the easiest to make men and women “dry fire”

Lead: For single people, wanting sex, but not having a partner’s backlog of hunger and thirst makes us feel awkward every day. How can you come to an affair with your wishes in a suitable place? Then, these four places are the best for you. 2, social games in the development of information technology, there are many cases of underground development through the network. Today’s popular social games and social applications are dazzling. Many men and women will share their lonely feelings on them, and they will share private photos with boldness. The purpose is to attract the opposite sex with the same loneliness. Many women who stay on social networks are often empty. They are either alone or lonely because they are not around, or they are always sluts. They like to find strange men to meet offline, experience passion, and there are urban white-collar workers because Work pressure is high and the Internet is looking for men’s warmth. This kind of feeling develops rapidly and ends the safety. Everyone knows that this is just a playful relationship. Under such a tacit understanding, they are comforting each other, even if they break up, they are clean and free. 3, work entertainment career is the most lacking is the beauty around the man, usually work and social entertainment also have many opportunities to contact different women, and some may be attracted by their own ability, and some may be partners to show joy, there are It may also be a female subordinate of a picture. In short, men have many opportunities to carry out underground situations while they are working, and such underground conditions are usually linked to interests. Although it is very easy to have a relationship, there are risks. 4. When traveling alone or in different places, it is the easiest to attract an affair and to have an emotional story. Generally, men and women who choose to travel alone are either pursuing individuality, do not like to go with the group, or are lonely inside, and want to release their inner feelings by one person’s travel. Such people are not only easy to encounter passion in off-site tourism, but also more likely to spark sparks with strangers on the road. What happens at this time is the relationship between men and women you want, even if you have a family and a couple, this kind of underground situation is often quiet, no one knows. (The four sexy temptations make you unable to resist the gentleness of ta)