Sexual expectations of single men and women

For many years, men have always played a leading role in husband and wife life and even in the family, not only because of male masculinity, but also because men have a strong desire to conquer; but do you know? In fact, men also want their own A partner can enjoy sexual pleasure. Then, as a rib divided by a man, do you know that men will hold those expectations when they are in sex? First, it is important to hope that she has a normal sexual attitude. Sometimes men can be pleasantly surprised to find that women can be as crazy about sex as I am. Even some women are more violent than men. According to some ladies, oh, my God, I was thinking about doing this all day. She said that when she walked into the house and stepped on the carpet, she had this impulse. Once she did this kind of thing, she would be inextricably lingering, making the man passionate, and every action made the man feel just right. A woman who is up to eight hundred and has a face is definitely not good for the house. The excessive madness is also a man who does not want to see it. Men think that women should have a healthy and normal sexual attitude. The man said, I hope she can make love with me with a little ‘human color’, but it is not exactly like this. Therefore, if a man is timid about sex, the reason is more than the attitude of the woman, not the physical problem of the man. Second, I hope she has an orgasm. Some data show that if a man finds that he can’t bring too much pleasure to a woman, then he will feel sad. Even if he can enjoy the American feast and watch the wonderful football, he will not feel happy. As a woman, your enthusiasm and visible pleasure are the most essential things. But if a man doesn’t realize it, or doesn’t take advantage of it, you will still be very depressed. You have to say something, for example, everything you do is so beautiful, I think I am afraid I will not wait until the evening. This will change the embarrassing situation and lead him to where you are going. Third, I hope she will not be silent in bed. Nothing can increase her passion more than expressing herself properly in bed. Even if you make a weak snoring, you can provoke sex more than making love in silence. Your words must not be full of lust. Don’t buy eloquence at this time. Don’t make a loud voice, as long as you can hear it. Don’t say your words when you are in bed. Many men say that the voice of a woman makes him feel that sex is so wonderful that they let them float at the crucial moment and reach the limit of pleasure. Even if she only used the tip of her tongue to make a fuzzy sound.