The most incomprehensible way for women to refuse (see all)

Making love is one of the most intimate behaviors between husband and wife. It is one of the main ways for couples to express their feelings and enjoy life. A hearty sex can let you fully enjoy the beauty of life, so women should not be too excessive in sex. Constraint, when you are in sex, you are facing the person you are closest to, so please lower your bottom line and enjoy sex. Reasonable arrangement of love time Many couples complain that it is difficult to have a world of two when they have children. Children always occupy most of their energy and time. Couples spend less time together. This is not to say that sex should be reduced. No, even if this is the case, couples should make good use of their time and do not let go of any sex that is not going to bed. Sexual stimulation Before you love, you may wish to pre-heat the other party. It is a good choice to have a erotic piece that will instantly stimulate your sexual desire. The content must be agreed in advance. In the process, you can use your imagination and have the purpose of teasing. This kind of pre-sex drama will effectively stimulate the passions of both of you, so that you can stop and want to go. Love life. In the process, according to the other party’s reflection, the content progress can be adjusted in time, and you can dress yourself into the sexual role that the other person desires in advance, which helps to provoke the other half of the sexual desire and let him be completely convinced by you. Let women relax and put their emotions into love and love. As a result, as a man, let the other person relax first, which is more conducive to the love and love. When a woman goes to the bath, please leave more time for her to prepare, comb, and maintain in the bathroom. You can also prepare a little night and night to ease the atmosphere, relax the tension during the wedding, and let your brain wake up a little. When you are on vacation in a vacation, people often think of travel, but if you think about it, it’s great to have a vacation in the bed. As long as there are any holidays that can make the weekend three days, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day and National Day, etc., you can choose to spend in the bed. When sexual desire comes, I will kiss me and me. When I am tired, I will sleep together. This is also a good new trick for sex. After resuming honeymoon for many years, the honeymoon will be extraordinarily romantic, and the sex during the heavy honeymoon will be especially enjoyable. When you are on vacation, you can enjoy your private time. In fact, holiday sex helps you and your partner rekindle love and be more intimate in sex. If you are used to planning your time on the trip, remember to schedule your sex time, such as staying in the hotel until the early hours of the morning or after dinner to enjoy a pleasant evening.