Did you find the four people you are looking for in your life?

From high school to college, I experienced two failed feelings, not because of disagreement, or because there is no tacit understanding of each other. After working for two years, I feel that I am also a big boss. I should find someone who can live with me. I have no intention of continuing to go on those vain loves. In 2006, I entered the current unit, a newcomer, and everything has to adapt from the beginning. Working hard every day, running around in various construction sites, I have no intention to think about falling in love with marriage. In September, one of my relatives came to Xiangfan for training. When chatting with roommates, he asked each other if there were any single youths. The relative thought of me, the roommate thought of a daughter of his cousin, called Yuting, a middle school teacher. The two of them together, I feel that both of us are quite suitable in terms of age and occupation, so we decided to make a decision. When the relatives came back, they gave me the number of Yuting. I sent a text message to her that night and told her about her basic situation. After waiting for more than an hour, the mobile phone did not move at all. I thought it was yellow again. I didn’t expect it to be 10 o’clock. She returned a text message and said that she had not had time to return information in class. In this way, we came to my place for nearly an hour of text messages, and set the first meeting place. The prime minister saw some dangers and passed us on a bridge. I arrived very early that day, and I haven’t seen anyone coming over at the bridge for a long time. So I dialed her mobile phone and walked to the other side of the bridge. Every girl I saw passing by didn’t take the phone to answer the phone, and thought she was cool. Unexpectedly, after the phone was connected, she said that she was in the middle of the bridge. As soon as I turned around, I saw a medium-sized woman standing there with a smile, and I just passed by her side. Almost, we passed by. The two of us smiled like each other, like the old people who have known each other for a long time. She proposed to go to Yuliangzhou to play, but also to taste the cheap and delicious chicken soup. Yu Ting came out to work very early, and it looks more mature than me. She is a very professional person. She is the head teacher of the graduating class every year, and she is almost every day with the students. Others introduced her to many of her subjects because she was too busy with her work. In this way, she became one of the few older single women in the school. In 2007, the headmaster resolutely refused to let her take the graduating class and told her to have time to solve personal problems first. “So there is this date, you have to thank our principal! She smiled and the atmosphere was a lot more lively. After I came back that day, I sent her home, feeling immersed in the date of the day, so I was so stunned that I was sitting in the wrong bus. She was dating more than a thousand scenic spots. The date down, I can suffer from this person who doesn’t love sports very much. When I met for the second time, she proposed to go to the Martyrs Tower. I finally climbed to the top of the mountain. I was hungry and hungry and asked her what to eat. She said I am losing weight, not eating lunch, I have to stay with her so hungry. The third time I still climbed, still tired and hungry. With these two lessons, I quickly bought dry food before the fourth date. I don’t know what to do. I know that she said that she wants to climb Wudang Mountain. I was shocked. The altitude of the date was getting higher and higher. In order not to sweep her, I had to buy a ticket to Wudang Mountain. When it was midnight, we found a hotel to stay in. The next morning, I drove up the mountain. On the cable car, I saw a red maple leaf outside the window. It was late autumn in November, and the autumn scenery was beautiful, and I The people in front of me are more beautiful. My heart When she moved, she took the opportunity to express her confession. She smiled shyly and said nothing. Instead, I was nervous. After several days of returning, we did not contact each other. I calmly thought about our relationship. Is she really? Who can spend the rest of my life with me? On the day of Singles, we said each other’s thoughts. She admits that she is very busy in the future, and she can’t take too much care of her family. Listening to her, I understand that she is already in her heart. Accepted me, she has begun to consider our future. Romantic marriage proposal happy boat set sail to commemorate this iconic event, I wondered what gifts to give to her. But did not dare to buy valuable jewelry and the like, she I was categorically accustomed to it. When I got a chance, I picked a beautiful diary and wrote down every bit of our conversation, including every text message. When I was full, I gave it to her. She was so surprised that she couldn’t speak. She was so pleasantly surprised, I was very proud. On Christmas Day, we all made friends out to KTV. When everyone was happy, the box door opened. A little girl will be a big bouquet of roses and a card to the hands Wanting my face in front of friends and speak words on the card:. “Wanting, I will always love you!