What are the performances of female sexual repression?

Long-term depression is very harmful for mature men and women. We need to know the performance of female sexual repression and respond promptly when it is discovered. 1, frequent dreams: especially every time you dream of orgasm in your dreams. 2, use work to divert attention: over-investment, and even let your boss start to worry. 3, lifeless, always complaining that no one cares about you: “Whether I get up, no one cares.” 4, irritability, frustration, worry, sorrow: complaining about people, complaining that coffee is too cold, old people grab The seat sits. 5, picky, difficult to please: for your sexual partner is always picking up three, four people suspect that he is too rude, not considerate enough, can not reach you orgasm. 6, pelvic hyperemia group: due to the climax of the future, the original pelvic congestion can not be resolved, will cause chronic lower abdominal pain. This condition can be detected by ultrasound and laparoscopy. 7. Pay attention to indifference and indulge in sexual fantasies: This will make you unable to get along with men in a normal way. If you guessed how big his “second child” is all day long, how to pay attention to his other aspects of performance? The problem that can never be solved in life: always use the problem that can’t be solved to smother, for example, the living expenses are not enough, the mother-in-law is too bad, but refuses to directly say to him: “Why don’t you want to please me, but in bed? Do these? “The harm of sexual repression 1. Sexual science research shows that the harm of sexual repression is very serious, and there is no sexual repression in the long-term, which will have a negative impact on people’s physiological and psychological development and work and study, until the mental health is impaired. 2, physical symptoms appear. When sexual desire is suppressed to the subconscious, there will be a temporary painful experience disappearing, but then there will be symptoms such as insomnia, nightmares, dizziness, distraction, gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and other neurological disorders. Over time, normal people can have low sexual desire (see female sexual desire, male sexual desire) or sexual dysfunction such as impotence. Patients with impotence have more physical and mental symptoms because they have to suppress their unwilling sexual intercourse. 3, easy to increase the rate of rickets, easy to aging, early death. The deeper the feeling, the greater the impact. 4. When a lover in love is frustrated, there will be negative emotions such as troubles, anxiety, suspicion, sorrow, disgust, etc. It is very likely that a kind of “love syndrome” will occur, which is manifested as wilting, weak limbs, and not wanting to eat. Can be heart palpitations, palpitation, chest tightness. 5. In the case of clinical psychological counseling clinics, due to marital problems or sexual life dissatisfaction, the contradictions and psychological conflicts may occur, and various symptoms of neurosis may occur. Traditional Chinese medicine is called sputum syndrome, such as sleep disorders and neurasthenia. ,anxiety, Depressive emotions and other manifestations. In addition, sexual depression can also lead to sexual metamorphosis, voyeurism, pedophilia and so on. There are many manifestations of female sexual repression. When we encounter such problems, we must not underestimate them. Even if we use masturbation, we must alleviate them to avoid harming our health.