Why are men always being shackled?

Why are the same love hearts, women will often blame men for their hearts, and men rarely spit women lascivious. Men are often shackled, especially in front of beautiful women. In fact, men and women are different, and men and women have great differences in their sexual habits. According to research and analysis, the sexual habits of young men in China mainly have the following points. 1. I like to talk about a few young men together, especially when several acquaintances are chatting together. This can not be simply regarded as low-level inferiority, which is a common male psychological reflection. There are three main reasons for this: boring, borrowing such boring words to relax the tension of daily life; enhancing the atmosphere of chat and harmony and harmony; when there are women nearby, some people deliberately swear, want to take a look at this category The reaction of words. Among the talkers, people of different ages and experiences have different psychology. Older and more experienced people talk more and more to express their knowledge. They should have been concealed but relished. This kind of psychology is difficult for women. Most of the younger and less experienced people talked about it from a strange vanity. They don’t want to be considered to be lack of experience, or they don’t understand the world, so they make themselves smart and talk about it. In addition, some people are in a state of hunger and thirst, and their talks are quite relaxing and venting sexual desire. 2, the psychological characteristics of people who like to touch women determine the sexual psychology characteristics of men who like to touch women. Men have a strong “contact with heterosexuality”. This is in line with the principle of zoology: “Sexual behavior, only males play their enthusiasm, it is possible.” Men and women in love, men especially want to touch women, this is because he hopes to put the intimacy of both sides specific Show it, hope to be confirmed in the heart. Furthermore, due to his physical and psychological factors, he wants to reach the second and third steps through the first step. As one woman in Chekhov’s Cherry Garden said; “If you let your hand kiss, then you will kiss your shoulders and kiss your shoulders.” 3. Naked men who like to see women are easily teased by nude photos. This is because women are “tactile” and men are “visual”. The strength of this sexual consciousness that men like to look at a woman’s nakedness is determined by the relationship between the inherent erotic nature of the individual and the difficulty of approaching the object. That is to say, the more hidden the part of the woman, the more irritating it is to the male. This is because the imagination is stimulated, which makes him think of the next scene, and at the same time makes him imagine that he personally came to uncover the last part, and the feeling is stronger. Therefore, compared with contemptuous women, shy women are more stimulating to men. In fact, not only do men like to look at women’s nakedness, but women also have the potential to watch male nudes, but they are not as strong and active as men. 4, like to see the phenomenon of women in the life, on the street, two groups of men and women came in the opposite direction, when they passed by, they voted for the other side. At this time, the female’s glimpse is cast to the same sex, while the male is projected to the opposite sex. A glimpse of women is a subconscious confrontation, competition, and comparison. Men’s glances are unintentional “multi-view”. There is still a phenomenon in life: a man just said goodbye to his girlfriend, and when he sees another beautiful woman, he will be very impressed. The psychological phenomenon of men is like a butterfly flying from this flower to that flower. Even if you love a flower, you still have to look at another flower. As a woman, you don’t have to be too concerned about it, because men are “multi-hearted” no matter what they are.