Sex life adds color to marital feelings

According to the survey, it is very common for American couples to watch erotic programs together. Some shop owners who rented videotapes also reported that many couples went to the store to pick a favorite erotic movie. If the middle-aged and elderly people watch the erotic program in order to stimulate a nerve that is no longer sensitive, and let the couple relive the feeling of youth, then the young couples will appreciate the erotic program, which is purely to adjust the atmosphere and increase the taste. There is a female magazine in the United States that has conducted a survey. Among them, American women complained a lot about “foreplay” when they made love to their husbands, and cited examples of French and Italian people to embarrass American men. In fact, in a country where the sexual concept is very open in the United States, women usually tell their husbands about their feelings, and the two sides watch the erotic programs together, let each other know many details that have been ignored in the past, and improve the quality of sexual life between husband and wife. There are great benefits. An American scholar who studies the problem said that more and more Americans are beginning to realize that a harmonious sexual life between husband and wife can coordinate the physical functions of both sides and maintain endocrine balance, but because of the work pressure and the pace of life is too fast For other reasons, many couples often have “more than enough energy”, and at this time, some cultural products that can stimulate “sexual interest” can play a role. He believes that although the grades of these works may not be too high, and some may even be vulgar, but the average person is still acceptable. The famous American psychologist Rojas pointed out that in the first few years after the couple got married, they often have a harmonious sex life, because they know how to adjust the “erotic” measure, but after middle age, the secretion of sex hormones begins to decrease. The rendering of “erotic” has also become less natural than it used to be. In the long run, the feelings between husband and wife are gradually indifferent, and the body functions will begin to degenerate. Many problems such as depression, insomnia, and loss of appetite are caused by the disharmony of “erotic”. Therefore, your loved ones should not be constrained by shame and boldly say your feelings and your needs. The effect will be a hole in the sky. Husbands are always the navigators, try them boldly, and often change the new sex and harmony to help the emotional constant temperature, so the husband and wife should be eclectic, any time, place, as long as the environment can, not necessarily the night When you come, you don’t have to be just that bed. (text / girl)