Opening the skylight between husband and wife

Xiao Mo and his wife have been married for 8 years. He remembers being ashamed to reveal his love to his wife. Until one night, he took a deep breath and confided his wife to her tender feelings. He said: “For me, you are the most extraordinary woman in the world.” The deep affection made the wife who was doing housework moved. After a while, the two would sit down and talk quietly. Xiao Mo felt that since she opened her heart and talked to each other, her wife’s feelings were even hotter than before. Friendly conversation is indispensable in life, especially the whispering between husband and wife, can be said to be a “potentiator” of love. While dealing with the relationship between husband and wife, in addition to the necessary sweet words, you should also open your heart to the other party and tell him (her) your feelings about love. This is very important. “Qin Se He Ming” is the ideal realm of husband and wife conversation. In the heart-to-heart communication, husband and wife can achieve harmony, mutual respect and mutual understanding. If the two sides lack the necessary communication, they will have their own minds and let the other party guess the inner thoughts. Once the other party misunderstands your true feelings, it will easily lead to family conflicts. Therefore, it is very necessary to open up and communicate with each other. Change your tone and open your heart. Many couples agree that they should respect each other, but in fact, not many people can do well. Especially for couples who have lived together for a long time, the tone of their speech is often stiff, but they will never talk to their friends in the same tone. If we record what we have said to our wife or husband, and listen carefully to our own tone and voice, we will find that we do not respect our partner to a large extent. If the husband and wife always speak in a tone of criticism, lesson, and screaming, the other party will only deepen their distress, thinking that the wife or husband does not love or dislike themselves, and invisibly causes the husband and wife to have a distance and a gap, so that the door to communication will continue. Will close slowly. So the first element of open heart is to lower your tone and talk to your partner in a soft tone and gentle attitude.