Limiting the other party’s friends to influence the marital relationship

Wang Bo and his wife have very different personalities. He is more introverted, likes to be quiet, and is very vigilant to the people around him. He even has some “selfishness”; his wife is very cheerful and straightforward, and belongs to the females who are more “fathers”. So many friends, especially heterosexual friends. This time, the wife went to a friend’s party, leaving Wang Bo alone and sulking at home. He decided to “negotiate” after his wife returned. Around 8 pm, a car heard the door of the house, Wang Bo went to the window and went outside. The wife came out of the car with laughter and laughter. The driver was a man. An angry rushed to Wang Bo’s brain, he opened his door and waited for his wife to return. The wife, who had a smile with her smile, immediately became stiff after entering the house, and her husband stood in the living room with anger. The wife shuts them up, the husband roars out, and the number of his wife is not. By her frequent dating behavior, she actually rose to derailment. Unreasonable grievances made her unbearable, and she began to refute, and Wang Bo launched a “slap in the face”. Wang Bo, who was stunned by anger, took out his “killer” and divorced. The wife was a little dumbfounded. She did not expect her husband to care so much about making friends. She had chosen to compromise. A storm temporarily subsided. Marriage is not a shackle. It requires mutual tolerance and understanding, and cannot be based on personal consciousness. Restricting the other party’s making of friends is like the freedom of the ban on lover, as if the prisoner’s marriage life is not perfect, and will gradually die. (Text / Yang Aoji) Copyright: The copyright of this article belongs to Feihua Health Net. Without permission, any natural or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form.