Occasionally changing the image to activate the life after marriage

A young man called a psychiatrist and said that he actually loved his wife, but since his wife gave birth, he suddenly found his passion for his wife plummeted. He sighed and said, “I have always loved her all these years, and I really want to re-establish the passion of the fire before her birth, but my body is not listening to the call of the soul, now I can’t afford her anyway.” Interest, even, sometimes at night, I am afraid to see the eyes that she longs for.” Speaking of the reasons for this situation, the man said that this change may be due to the wife’s image after birth. Especially when sitting on the moon, the wife has no image at all. She has been waiting for the child to have breastfeeding, and the wife’s body and dress have completely changed, making him unacceptable. He feels that his wife’s previous body is full of beauty and can bring him unlimited joy. As long as he has no intimacy with his wife for a few days, it is like three autumns. But now, he always avoids his wife intentionally or unintentionally. Once, in the process of his intimacy with his wife, he once thought of his wife’s dressing, and immediately felt that he could not do it. The enthusiasm seemed to fall from the air to the ground. The man also said that he was very guilty. After all, the wife is to give birth to a child, and he should love his wife more. However, the passion and ethics and gratitude in the marriage life have nothing to do with him. When he thinks about his wife’s indecent image and his shape, he feels that the passion for sex disappears. I am glad to accept the change of the image. Although it is the old wife and wife, however, it is precisely because they are too familiar with each other, so it is more important to dress up on the outside and give romance and creativity to a long time. No matter what reason you have become embarrassed and defeated, but after re-dressing, it will still be like the Madonna returning to the world, letting you instantly shine in front of him, there is an impulse to violate taboos. Don’t try to go back to the past, and accept the change. If you become more like a charming young woman, then show it to you. After all, he is happy to see your ever-changing. (Text/July) Copyright statement: The copyright of this article belongs to Feihua Health Net. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission. (Text / July)