Those questions that should not be asked after divorce

Divorced, the feelings of a few years or decades are over. Maybe you will be unwilling when you are calm down. Maybe you still want to ask each other some questions in your heart when you finally turn around. However, in some cases, some questions should not be asked, because at the moment when they have decided not to look back, one more sentence will appear redundant. From the experience of many divorced people, we have summed up five questions. Let’s take a look. Have you asked a few? Don’t ask if you can’t be a friend. Everyone knows that after the couple divorced, they will each have their own future. The new family will basically not have any connection. This kind of idea of ​​being a friend after divorce is best not to be raised, because the other party is really unwilling to be friends with the person whom he has given up, and the second is for his own future. This kind of friend would rather choose not. Don’t ask why she will be willing to break up. This kind of problem will make the other party resent the opposite of you. “Why do you have a divorce? Isn’t your own shortcomings yet realized?” Since you are divorced, you should leave directly. Since the other party has chosen to divorce you, you should know that in his heart he does not want to have any connection with you. The question of whether he can still be a friend can only be said to be deceiving himself. Don’t ask if you still remember happy. Sometimes, abandoned people often want to use the goodness of the past to call back the love they once had. This is not impossible, but it is too little when possible. She would say that he is indeed better than you, although she may regret it, but it is not when she breaks up. Perhaps in the eyes of others and yourself, his lover is almost inferior to you in every respect. However, in the eyes of the other party, the lover at this time is his goddess, and you are a “scrap”, there is no trace of interest to you. Don’t ask yourself where you can’t compare with him. At this time, he will say various reasons to say that you really don’t have that person. Therefore, the question itself is doomed to have no answer you want, even if he may regret his judgment in the future. Don’t ask what position you are in his heart. In your opinion, you may want to get a real result when you break up. It is called “let yourself die.” But don’t you feel naive about this kind of problem? If you are in his heart at this time, will he be divorced from you? Maybe he will say that you were important in his heart, but now you are already in his heart. I can’t find a specific location. This may be the truth, maybe it is letting you die, in short, what kind of answer you will not be very satisfied, isn’t it? (Text / Li Yao) Copyright statement: Ben