Column happiness list can maintain marital relationship

Marriage life is like a business company. It requires the husband and wife to take good care of them. If two people have an indifferent attitude towards marriage, it will take a long time for marriage to crack. American marriage experts have listed a “happiness list” that plays an important role in maintaining marriage. The following small series recommend this “happiness list” to everyone. Always do a little thing for each other. When your marriage has problems, you can calmly reflect on it: Is it normal for the other person to take care of you, and you have never done anything for the other person? If the answer is no. So from now on, start with changing yourself, get up early and make a hearty dinner for each other; squeeze the other’s toothpaste; go home early, push off all the entertainment, stay with your lover, or be a lover To say a word of tenderness, such performance will definitely bring different feelings to the other party, and the marital relationship will also sublimate. Every week, we are interested in things that are of mutual interest. The competitive pressures are great. Men are busy outside, and women are also like this. Because of the busy work, there are very few opportunities for two people to calm down and communicate for a long time. This will make the distance between the two people farther and farther. Therefore, no matter how busy the two people are, they must take time to communicate. For example, if two people hold hands to watch a movie or go to a big meal together, they will enhance each other’s feelings. Occasionally put a small fake for the other person often said: “distance produces beauty.” Couples stick together every day, and it is easy to create contradictions. Therefore, under appropriate circumstances, you can put a small holiday for the other party. For example, the man can go to a friend to gather and talk about work. The woman can go to see her parents, or find a same-sex friend to go shopping and buy a few pieces. The new clothes, when they come back, let the other party’s eyes shine, just like the feeling of “small wins and new marriages”. The above is a “happiness list” that enhances the relationship between husband and wife. Of course, it is not only limited to these aspects. Only couples who constantly work in life, understand and tolerate each other will make the relationship between husband and wife more profound. (Text / Clown) Note: The copyright of this article belongs to Feihua Health Net. Without permission, any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form.