3 things that women must never do after marriage

In real life, people’s interpretation of marriage is not as boring and unsatisfactory as the definition of “grave” written by Mr. Shen Congwen. In fact, the real definition of marriage is no definition. Everyone’s marriage is different. The key lies in personal management. A woman who is married, smart If you want marriage to always bring you surprises and happiness, then please do not do the following three things, things are small, the impact is huge. Shopping madness If you intend to accept a natural shopaholic as a wife, you must have a strong economic foundation behind you, otherwise your marriage will be quite difficult. >>> Good wife’s way of doing things – five do not like to compare women who often like to compare, maybe she is doing the original intention is good, she hopes that you can work harder at work, this is also for family considerations . But many times, this kind of comparison of girls will make you feel unhappy, which is the root cause of the destruction of marriage. Imagine that you are encouraging you in this way every day in your ear. What do you think? Don’t you think about it? A woman who became a housewife after sighing and sighing, often does not know a man. hard. This type of girl will continue to lament at your side, which is a bit of a complaint. As for the content, nothing more than idle and boring topics, sometimes she will even be awkward for you, summing up with a netizen: “It’s nothing to do with nothing.” For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel: http: //sex.fh21.com.cn