Humorous changes in the sex life of couples

The laws and pursuits of sexual life are not static, as they age. Sexual life between husband and wife will change quietly. 1, 20-30 years old: Men are at the peak of sex, excited, sexy, and easy to re-excite after sex. Women are in a state of shame and restraint, and they cannot be emotionally open. Male sexual desire is stronger than female. 2, 31-40 years old: Male sexual function began to decline, but the ability to control is enhanced, can better meet the sexual requirements of women. Women begin to break through psychological barriers, learn more about their bodies, and know how to achieve satisfaction to reach a climax. 3, 41-50 years old: Male sexual desire is reduced, energy is limited, sexual excitement is slow, and more stimulation is needed to reach the peak. But the experience is more abundant, and it can satisfy the woman’s sexual requirements more thoughtfully and warmly. Female sexual desire increased, and sexual needs also reached a peak. >>> The “three realms” of the husband and wife’s way of getting along are psychologically depressed and obstacles are swept away, no longer pretending to be reserved. After entering the menopause, the vagina is dry and requires the use of a lubricant. This decade is the uncoordinated phase of sexual life. After middle age, female sexual desire can exceed males. Shaofu’s wife can reach 1/8-1/5 in the West. 4, 51-60 years old: The sexual requirements of both sides tend to coordinate. Female requirements have begun to decrease. 5, 61-70 years old: Both sexual functions tend to degenerate, but the sexual life of some loving couples can still continue. According to some surveys, more than 60% of partners still insist on regular sexual intercourse. Older women still have sexual desire, and excessive inhibition will be detrimental to health. Keeping sex with nature will make them feel more comfortable in their later years. 6, 71 years old or older: There are reports that one in ten couples still live a regular sex life. In short, to maintain a happy sex life will undoubtedly have a great benefit to the health of couples. Foreign surveys show that women who are separated or divorced are more likely to be infected than women who are well-married because their immunity is low and their ex-husbands often have poor health. The survey also showed that some people who still maintain a marriage relationship but have a bad relationship are often less immune than those who are separated or divorced. It can be seen that a happy marriage and a harmonious sex life are very important to health. For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel: