Unbalanced sex life, marriage is easy to change

Sexual life in marriage tends to be dull, which can be said to be the normal state of human behavior. Faced with this trend, many couples will take certain actions to increase their interest in love. Experts believe that if “flatness” means uncoordinated sexual life in marriage, it is an abnormal qualitative change; if the husband and wife can not face the problem calmly, communicate and adjust each other, the phenomenon of flattening will become a marriage change. Siren. Sexual life in marriage is not coordinated. If it is caused by “flatness”, try to cultivate the fun of marriage. Learn to introduce new art of making love, such as changing a sexy pajamas, occasionally going out to spend the night or try a small win. Modern people have their own ways to ‘save’ a plain sex life. However, for those who are not worried about the “flatness” of sexual life, but they can’t stand the “climbing up” and the “frequent” of sex, is there a right to refuse? The husband and wife have different needs for sex, so they can’t blame and blame their spouse. No. If the wife has the right to refuse to have sex, the relative husband also has the right to “require”. Xiao Bian recommended: The network is the first major killer of husband and wife to maintain the natural mass of the four secrets of marriage, the natural volume change curve, showing a slow downhill type. The average number of weekly times is from three or four times a week, from twenty to thirty, to one or two times a week. The qualitative change of sexual life in marriage can be divided into the following three items: 1. Men are more active, and they enjoy orgasm earlier and faster; women are more likely to have a climax later, many wait until they are in their 30s, and at this time they often have sexual desires. Stronger than her husband. 2. In modern society, with the weakening of various traditional taboos, more and more couples try to make changes in love postures and techniques, such as women and men. 3. Sexual life is not coordinated. Both husband and wife have inconsistent requirements for sex frequency and sexual dysfunction. These two major problems may lead to the outcome of affair and divorce. Guess what you like: Eliminate the contradiction between husband and wife, separation of husband and wife, loss of happiness, novels, one-night stand, sex, demo, emotional story, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn