Marriage is a “risk investment”

Marriage in modern society is not only to find a life partner, or to share a “long-term meal ticket” with people, it is generally considered an “investment.” No matter who you choose, you are an investment: whether you choose “original stocks”, “potential stocks” or “peak stocks”, you need to take risks. In this investment, everyone has the right to choose. Choice is the most important thing. You have the right to choose. You can choose whether you want to get married, who to marry, and when to marry. Of course, this initiative is not absolute, because people’s choices are always influenced by such factors, especially when they encounter love or miss the best choice, sometimes the initiative will be involuntarily delivered to others or Put the permissions on. However, as far as the result of “investment” is concerned, only by choosing the right “investment target” and choosing the correct “investment method”, the investment of marriage can receive satisfactory or even “survival” investment that surprises itself. Xiao Bian recommended: The network is the first big killer of husband and wife to maintain the marriage of four small secret marriages, this kind of investment behavior, and will not only get the benefits, but also pay a considerable “opportunity cost”, so there can be no speculative psychology. Love is just a happy resource, not happiness itself. The adjustment should be moderate and the investment should be reasonable. Only in this way can the happy resources in marriage be transformed into true happiness. However, no matter how you choose, God will never make you perfect, nor will you completely despair. We cast our feelings and other things to our partners, and we expect that we will get more and more returns over time. In the beginning, we may be distrustful of the objects we invest in, but after many years, we will increasingly believe in our own eyes. Guess what you like: Eliminate the contradiction between husband and wife, separation, loss of happiness, oral sex, skill, sexual intercourse, sex novels, one-night stand, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: