Talking about the functions and conditions of husband and wife communication

In real life, what we often see is that the relationship between husband and wife is very good, but there are some problems in communication and communication, which affect each other’s relationship. This shows that a happy marriage requires good communication. The so-called communication means that through mutual verbal conversation, both sides understand each other’s thoughts, feelings and intentions, eliminate misunderstandings, and live together. However, because couples live together for a long time, they often think that there are things that two people don’t need to say too clearly, and the other party should understand that they can understand it. In fact, the other party is often ignorant and guessy, and the result is unnecessary misunderstanding and unpleasantness. For example, now the middle-aged and old-aged lesbians have good living conditions and like to dress up, especially in the hope that their husbands often respond to her dress, while the husband thinks that “the old man is an old wife”. After watching it for decades, there is nothing to look at. Therefore, disdain, or say: people are still dressed up, like an old fairy. As a result, one party feels that the other party does not understand themselves. Some people even feel that they have been abandoned by the other party. The emotional communication between them is diminishing, and the emotions are cold and alienated. Therefore, the more people who know themselves, the more they need to talk frequently, show meaning, and share feelings. Xiaobian recommended: Husband and wife sexual communication can not touch the banned area savvy woman knows a lot to pay a couple of communication has three functions 1, the mutual transmission of information, the husband and wife communication itself is to pass information. Let the other party know what happened, and the two sides will face the things that happen together, and feel that the husband and wife are one. 2. Solicit and express opinions and discuss ways to deal with things. 3, the communication between husband and wife also has an important function, that is, let the other party know your feelings for him at any time, and express your appreciation, love and special feelings to maintain and strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. Necessary conditions for communication between husband and wife 1. The premise of communication in the family must be equal. The two sides respect each other, are independent and irreplaceable. This is the basic condition for good communication. If you think that the other party is subordinate to yourself and put yourself above the other party, then the two sides can’t communicate. 2, communication can not ignore the character of both sides. Sometimes the lack of communication between the two people is related to the personality of the two people. When they are born, they do not like to use words to express themselves. They also have no confidence to insist on their own opinions. In particular, the two people’s personality is strong and weak, and the one with weak personality is blocked by the other side. Over time, I would not like to express my opinions. Some couples have a gunpowder smell when they open their mouths, criticize and blame each other, and there is no way to communicate, so that couples cannot communicate. 3. Communication requires interaction. We say that communication is the exchange of information and I hope to get feedback. If you look closely, you will find that there are some words between the couple who do not know how many times a day, for example, “The weather is really good today”, “The floor is a little dirty”, “Today’s food is like this”, etc., if such a statement The reaction is just a slam, or nod, or even no response. The person who speaks will feel that he has been left out and not respected. Over time, he has formed an obstacle to communication and has formed an emotional barrier. Even a negative answer is much stronger than no answer. Because there is always an inconsistency between husband and wife, the purpose of communication is to tell the other person’s feelings, so even a refusal reply, a negative opinion is necessary. Mutual understanding and support between husband and wife is the cornerstone of a person’s career success and happiness. However, this understanding comes from communication, communication is an art, couples can get endless fun from good communication, making the family a happy and comfortable “base camp” To alleviate the tension brought about by the rapid pace of society, and to recharge the challenges of meeting the intense work. Therefore, we need to learn how to communicate. Guess what you like: 4 tricks to make the sex life heat up the marriage breaks the behavior one night love sex demonstration emotional story couples emotional fun help more content please pay attention to Feihua health gender channel: Copyright: The copyright of this article belongs to Feihua Health Net. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!