4 marriage principles of long-lasting marital relationship

In marriage, it is not possible for husband and wife to quarrel. It is impossible to deal with the contradictions between the two people. It will increase the feelings between the two parties. If they do not understand the problem, they will break up. In order to make everyone’s family more beautiful, today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the way couples get along. Storing true love and tacit understanding of each individual’s psychology has a standard for measuring feelings, just like the account you open in the bank. If you often store true love and tacit understanding in the emotional account, the more money you have in your account, the more you extract happiness and happiness. More, you can also extract interest such as smile, gentleness, encouragement, comfort and so on. Even if you occasionally pay for selfishness or lack of thoughtfulness, you will not overdraw it. The most effective way to avoid emotional bank account overdraft is: usually deposit a lot, say more grateful appreciation, and do more caring and caring. Respect to respect the stability of the other’s marriage, in addition to mutual trust, respect is also very important. Only by knowing how to respect each other can you respect each other, not only respect each other, but also love the house and the Ukrainian, respect each other’s parents, brothers and sisters, and other relatives and friends. If you look down on the other person’s family, and even worse, push the other person’s family to their opposite, this will be a fatal injury to your marriage. Learn to “understand” that there is no tacit agreement between the two parties, that is, to learn to “understand” each other. The so-called “understanding” is: when you encounter setbacks, he (she) does not say a word that is detrimental to your dignity; when you are tempted to use things, he (she) explains things to you; when you are in a bad mood He (she) will never know you general … … understand, what is needed is understanding, what is needed is thoughtful, and what is needed is love. Learning to love each other’s love is mutual, if you always accept, without returning, you will eventually drive the other party away. True love is to give up the whole body “I give” instead of “I want”, to stimulate each other’s vitality with their own vitality. Giving happier than acceptance is not a deprivation, because it expresses the existence of self-life in the behavior given. Love should be pure, without any conditions or utilitarian. Love is a kind of sharing, not a request. Love in marriage needs mutual care and mutual respect. Only when the feelings reach a harmonious state can we have a perfect and harmonious sex life.