After the marriage, 5 times, the best husband was transferred.

I often hear people say that a good husband is taught by himself. However, many women are confused. How to adjust their husbands? The five periods after marriage are the best time. Grasping these five periods and calling out a good husband is not a problem. Below, I will explain to you, what are the periods after marriage, and how to adjust your husband? Xiaobian Recommended: Marriage keeps “love” The 5 cheats inventory makes women’s life worse than the death of the body when the body embraces – appropriate to show weakness Although the female man is now all over the street, but in front of men, it is necessary to properly display their own delicate. When a woman is sick, it is a good time. It doesn’t have to be a serious illness. A cold, a cough, a fever, a fever, a woman don’t want to be too strong. When you show weakness, you must show weakness. I have done this by cooking and cooking. In fact, it is not good for men. It’s good to read you. He usually thinks that you can buy food and cook laundry. It means that your body is fine, so if you are a little woman in your heart, don’t pretend to be a big woman. Pregnancy – More encouragement of pregnancy is one of the things that a woman has to experience throughout her life, and at this time you are the queen of the family, and the man will outsource your personality. A pregnant woman is a treasure of the family, and a strong man. In the face of a woman’s gradually rising belly, there must be a tender side. While a woman is enjoying a housework while a man is doing housework, don’t forget to correct the man’s bad habits. There is a sister who seems to be very disdainful about this. She said that the man is completely for the child. Well, yes, but the child is not in your stomach, the child is not born, you are one with the child, good for the child. It’s good to you. At this time, I praised men more, and his motivation to be a husband would be more. Promised to marry him but not yet certified – the man who found the problem at this time is the most obedient, because you promised his proposal, but did not receive the certificate. When you have not promised to marry him, many of his true temperaments are not necessarily visible to you, and this is not awkward. In fact, we are the same for women. In love, we always show the best side to the people we love. When it is decided to hold hands, or during the wedding preparation period, the man will be more relaxed than before. This is the best time to find the problem to solve the problem. It is not good to say that if his shortcomings cannot be changed, and You can’t stand it, then you have a chance to look back. Children 3 years preschool class – learn to guide us to always see a lot of women with children, found that they often complain that their men never care about children, do not look at children, whether it is life or study. But this is actually a habit of getting into, you are all in one hand, and men still have to bother? In the first two years of the child’s birth, most of them were women. But when the child goes to the nursery, the woman needs to leave something for the man to do, such as telling the story to the child, or accompanying the child to the bookstore, even if it is playing with toy blocks, don’t worry if the man touches the child, this is not assured, man Not so stupid, it is his own baby, he does not need to teach his child, if the woman does not lead the man at this time, then the child will not manage the child after school. . When a loved one dies, Xiaozhi’s emotional reasoning is inherently dead. When faced with the death of a loved one, everyone has a touch. In this extraordinary period, it is the best period for women to move with reason, and of course the past sad days. In those days, if your sorrow is greater than his, then ask him to lean against his shoulder; if his sorrow is greater than yours, then take the initiative to lend his shoulder to him. After that, it is the best period to get rid of many bad habits of men. If you want to teach a good husband, these five periods must not be missed. Of course, we must also pay attention to the usual training, in order to make her husband more excellent and better. Guess what you like: Wife’s unchanging coups teach you to build a happy marriage, make love, demonstrate emotional stories, couples, emotional, fun, sexual intercourse, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: