Perfect husband and wife need to communicate in time

Sexual life is an indispensable part of the husband and wife. However, we will find that some people’s sexual intercourse will be perfect, but some couples often have problems with their sexual intercourse. This involves the most critical step —— communication. Faced with sexual intercourse between husband and wife, if you communicate in time, you can always make your house more perfect. However, if there is no timely communication, the problem will be delayed, which will eventually lead to conflicts between husband and wife and cause emotional breakdown. Next, let’s take a look at how we communicate when faced with the issue of sexual intercourse between husband and wife. Xiaobian recommended: Marriage maintains a “hot love” 5 cheats inventory to make a woman a life less than a dead marriage Q: When I am in the house, I can not always feel the feeling of pleasure, always unable to invest, I am cold? A: Sexual indifference and lack of sexual pleasure are two different concepts. Both can appear at the same time or at different times. Sexual indifference refers to lack of sexual desire. In layman’s terms, there is no interest in sexual life, and it is also said that sexual desire is diminished. You can’t get into sex, maybe because the intercourse between you is too boring and boring. You can try to communicate with ta to find out the crux. Of course, in the face of sexual issues, we have to communicate in a suitable atmosphere. You can try fresh housework skills or change your place of affairs to make sex different. Perfect sex is available through a variety of fresh tricks. Q: I can’t always get her to climax. Isn’t it sexual function? A: As we all know, men and women have great differences in their physiology. And a woman needs a lot of foreplay to be able to enter the state. Therefore, she can’t get a climax, not necessarily because of your sexual function. It may also be that the foreplay is not enough, she has not fully entered the state. You can extend the foreplay properly, use the erotic posture of women, or use sex toys to help you get her orgasm. Of course, there are many reasons why women can’t get a climax. You need to communicate with her to understand why she can’t get the climax, and the right medicine can solve the problem. Q: He has to go to the house every day. Is it too sexual, or can I not satisfy him? A: The frequency of sexual intercourse between husband and wife is different and cannot be measured by a specific standard. The most ideal frequency of sexual intercourse is that the husband and wife through communication and reach an agreement are the most ideal and most harmonious frequency of sexual intercourse. He does sexual intercourse every day, perhaps because his sexual desire is too strong, but if it causes trouble for you, it is not a perfect sexual intercourse. Moreover, there are also phenomena in which men are more sexually active than women. Therefore, you may wish to find a suitable time, such as a more relaxed weekend, and communicate with him to understand the problem, in order to better solve the problem. Moreover, the matter should be heavy and not heavy. You can have a passionate and stimulating sex with him to change the status quo, such as car shock, bathroom sex, etc. Try out the postures and places that you have not tried, and will bring you unexpected surprises. Of course, there are a lot of problems between husband and wife about sexual intercourse. We need to communicate and understand specific problems to solve them. Perfect sex is based on mutual communication and understanding. Therefore, if we want to make the husband and wife more perfect, we need timely communication. you may also like: