Completely ruin the “small character” of marriage

Marriage gives the best ending in love, but it does not seem to mean that this relationship is always insured. If you want a marriage to be completely stuck, you need to work hard, and in marriage, there is For a few types of people, their marriage is doomed to failure. Today we will talk together and completely bury the five characters of marriage. Listening to the immature parental mentality, when there is any fluctuation in the marriage life, first seek support and instructions from your parents, but do not discuss with your partner to find a solution. Thus lost the trust between husband and wife. Parents and our different experiences are different. The most important thing is that parents have enthusiasm and psychological characteristics. They must first protect their children. Therefore, after we understand this situation, we recommend not to Everything is subject to the opinions of parents, and their own marriage is the clearest. Most women are often sentimental for some small things in life. When they are slightly uncomfortable, they complain and complain about the “imagined” disease. To attract the attention and care of their partners, they often become self-defeating and cause their partners to get bored and break up. Xiao Bian recommended: How to maintain the marriage of the first-aid marriage in the marriage crisis How to maintain the love of middle-aged couples. The harmonious and romantic style is full of illusions about marriage. It is believed that the life after marriage will always be filled with dreamlike passion. But marriage is not what they imagined, but to provoke the burden of building a family and to make the greatest efforts and necessary sacrifices for common happiness. Once real life cannot satisfy the dream, there will be frictional conflicts. A picky type of person tends to be critical of his or her partner’s words and deeds, and will tirelessly blame and blame, so that the partner is in a position of self-confidence. When a partner is picky and unbearable, it will cause the marriage to break down. A picky partner will have a psychological shadow before the other half goes home. In the face of a duty after marriage, who has the desire to go home, such a family is not a harbor to avoid the wind, so some people prefer Overtime is also reluctant to go home early. This kind of person not only saves himself and saves his life, but also requires his partner to save money. To this end, the enjoyment and entertainment that should be enjoyed in family life have been abolished, and even the necessary expenses in life have been reduced. As a result, the partner can’t stand this life of asceticism. The person who favors this kind of character is over-loved to his partner, and the big and small things are all arranged, but the service is not thoughtful. In the long run, my partner develops a favored habit, such as accidental “service is not good” It will become the fuse of marriage war. People’s faults are all habitual, and the same is true in feelings. The love of the other party should be suitable. If the other party does not filial to your parents, you think that this is her personality and it is not malicious, but it has been a long time. It will definitely lead to uncontrollable consequences. If there is a person who always has a comparison, if someone else has something she must have, someone else buys a 100,000 car, she will buy 200,000, live with such a woman, no matter how much money the man gives her Love is not satisfied, she always complains about the dissatisfaction of the current life. Such a woman, men will be scared away sooner or later. Guess what you like: How to hold a man after marriage affects the sex of the couple. How does the wife hold the man’s heart novel? One-night love and love show the emotional story. Couples and emotions. Please pay attention to the Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: Cn