I have a “smart wife” to have happiness.

Which man does not want to be a skilled woman to be a wife? Although the happiness of marriage lies in the efforts of two people, if there is a “smart wife”, marriage will be closer and closer to happiness! Of course, it is not that men can be free. What is emphasized here is how a woman is a “smart wife.” When a “skilled wife” is not difficult, it does not necessarily have to be strong, and there is no need to be compliant. The ingenious meaning is to hold the daily life of marriage, but also to maintain a harmonious state of sexual life. How to call it a “smart wife”, please take a look at the following principles! It’s not two people’s things to do things well, but two family things. So, when you become a wife, you will face big and small things. When dealing with these things, you must have your own principles of doing things, in order to be confused, small things do not care. The so-called family and everything, if every day because of some trivial things angry, not only the marital relationship will cool down, the family will gradually cool down. Knowing that when you start a family home, you will be at a loss. It doesn’t matter, learn slowly, and always sum up your own set of family. A woman, to be a good helper, so that men have no worries, in order to make their husband’s career more successful, the family will be more harmonious. Xiao Bian recommended: Men’s disgusting “female man” behavior ten years after marriage, how to help couples have an independent economic source, saying that women’s economy must be independent, in order to not rely on men. Do not think that marrying a man to marry a man, dressing and eating is a normal thing. Once a woman is completely dependent on her husband in the economy, the relationship in the family will not be equal. Even a full-time mother must have its own income channel. Know how to care for yourself. Whenever you get married, women always give their whole heart to the family, children, parents, and husbands. In order to walk around the husband and the kitchen all day, I neglected to dress myself. Imagine, which husband would like his wife’s hair to be greasy and full of face. Therefore, when women love family, they must learn how to love themselves. Of course, love yourself is not necessarily willing to spend money to buy brand-name bags for yourself, nor is it to dress up to open your mouth. I know how to care for myself and I feel bad about myself. Not for the whole family, but to throw yourself behind. Sexual life in sexual life is an important element in making a happy marriage. Interest is an important means to improve the quality of sexual life and to make couples more happy. “Qiao wife” should take the initiative to create fun! For example, if a man is 40 years old and feels that his sex life is getting shorter, then you can take the initiative to buy him a TOR from LELO. Thor 2 delay ring. This sex toy is healthy and safe, and it can effectively extend your sex life time. You will get more happiness! Of course, there are so many optional sex toys that you can use as long as you have targeted needs and are healthy enough. Guess what you like: How to make a marriage as rock-solid couples only take a look at the new tricks of loving couples and more. Please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn