Happiness advice adds “strength” to marriage

Just entering a marriage doesn’t mean putting happiness in your pocket. In fact, the beginning of marriage indicates that you have just entered the “threshold” of happiness, just touching the most sincere emotions. The road to happiness is long, and marriage must carry it, run it, and maintain it. Therefore, every couple must start from the new marriage, and they must be fueled and energized so that they can advance toward the goal of happiness. Here are a few tips, I hope everyone will follow it well. Advice 1: Don’t treat yourself as a honeymoon every day is an exciting life event, but many young couples have just passed the honeymoon period and feel the passion is gone. For newly married, the reality of accepting a plain life after the honeymoon period is the most important. Therefore, the honeymoon period can be played well, mad and enjoy. However, as long as the normal life is restored, the old feelings will converge and be lived and steadily. Advice 2: Meet differences and know how to respect each other’s marriage is not just sweet, sometimes surrounded by anger and frustration. When there is a disagreement, take a deep breath and calmly say what you think. Love and respect are the foundation of marriage. You must know that lover is to let you love, to respect and to guard. Disagreements in marriage are inevitable, and must be resolved reasonably. It cannot be allowed to touch the depths of your feelings. Remember, love is great, infinite, and contradictions are just a glimpse of the past. Advice 3: Learn to “compromise” your lover After marriage, different lifestyles have become a big problem that has emerged, thus arousing various contradictions. The extent of your compromise depends on how much you love each other. In fact, marriage is the way to break the lives and feelings of two people. Compromise is a behavior of tolerance and tolerance. Do not lose face, do not hurt self-esteem, not just blame. It is a great act, learn to compromise, and all the contradictions in your marriage will be solved. Xiao Bian recommended: Men’s disgusted “female man” behavior ten years after marriage, how to help the couple’s life four: financial management is very important, after marriage, the management of money is on the agenda. Break-even plays a very important role in the normal operation of a family. In order to avoid future troubles and conflicts, clear financial management must be established. It must be acknowledged that matter is the basis of existence and marriage needs it to be maintained. Therefore, two people should manage their finances well, spend every penny in useful places, and work out a distribution system that you can accept. Advice 5: Putting small things into the brain After the two people in the marriage will show their true self, contrary to the advantages of the other when they fall in love, they tend to focus on the other’s shortcomings. In fact, those little things in life are really not worth your waste. between. Since they are all together, why do you have to worry about small things? Leave it all alone! Not only will you replace your generosity and understanding, but you will also reduce your own troubles and will not cause more harm to each other. Advice 6: Sex must be interesting. Finally, talk about sex. Sexual life is an important “activity” that couples can’t lack! It is the main way to meet the happiness of the husband and wife, not only to have full emotional communication and physical contact, but also to have fun and sentiment. Must learn to use sex toys. Take TIANI 2 created by LELO 2 generations, it is a very high product, can effectively stimulate women’s sensitive points, but also bring common tremor to men and women, greatly enhance the pleasure of sex life, let sex become More wonderful and more comfortable! Guess what you like: How to make a marriage as rock-solid couples only take a look at the new tricks of loving couples and more. Please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn