Husband hates what his wife does.

After getting married, many women are complaining that their men have changed. They are not busy with work or busy games every day. Even the weekend will not be accompanied by the same thing as when they are in love. Even drinking will not be called. Yourself. If your man has this situation, don’t be busy arguing with him. Think about why men are like this, why men don’t want to do these things with themselves, and find a solution. Now let’s take a look at what are the things! Shopping in the holiday, shopping, seems to be a woman’s nature, even if you do not buy anything, it is a very happy thing. However, for the vast majority of men, it is suffering and suffering. Scientific research points out that when a man goes shopping with a woman, his blood pressure will suddenly rise, causing chest tightness and poor breathing. It can be seen that shopping with women is the killing agent for men on the emotional road. The holiday should be a wonderful time, but it is wasted on meaningless bargaining, thirsty, tired and anxious, often strolling all day, and nothing is bought. Xiaobian recommended: What happens when a woman encounters a “bed war” after marriage? Why does the woman’s skin color become black and talk about the house? Many people start to wonder, isn’t this thing that men like to talk about? Why do men don’t like to talk to their own women? Who do he want to talk to? In fact, men do not want to talk to their wives, but when they talk about this problem, women are always dodging, twisting and pinching, so that men are very depressed. Therefore, men will stop talking about this topic. If you want to change this situation, you can talk to your own man generously, or you can ask the man whether to use TARA or ORA tonight, he will be very happy! Drinking with women Why do men not like to drink with their own women? This is mainly because when women are there, men can’t open, and when they drink with their friends, it is a kind of enjoyment, a way of relieving pressure. However, there are many women who don’t understand this. Every time they drink with their friends, they don’t want to let him be with some good friends. They always think that men are not good together. So the woman followed, the man is not free, and some can be said to be difficult to say. There are even some women who try to test out the secrets of the past and want to embarrass men. Watching Korean dramas together For many men, Korean drama is a nightmare, and many unrealistic scenes can make them unable to cope. However, women like to watch. When a woman watches a Korean drama, the expression of crying and laughing is really scary. What is even more frightening is that when I look at it, I will continue to ask: “If you are him, You will be like this woman too? If we are old, will you still treat me?” “Do you love me?” “If I want the heroine, would you still want me?” …… These boring questions, I can’t hide without hiding, but I can’t answer them, but they answer more questions. Talking to parents and talking about each other’s parents is also a trigger for quarrels. However, women always put the topic on top of it, and always emphasize that their parents are better than their parents. However, men can make concessions on many issues, but they will stick to them in their parents. As a woman, her father-in-law is not her own biological parents. It is also difficult to actually deliberately want to be good at her in-laws. Therefore, the problem of parents is still not as much as possible. It is necessary to look at the time. Otherwise, most of them can only be thankless. After reading the above introduction, I know that men don’t like to do things with women. At this time, women should act and let men change this idea. Guess what you like: Which helper game is most stimulating, close your eyes, enjoy sex, more content, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network gender channel: