How to “seven years of itching” after marriage

All feelings must go through the period of passion to burnout. After all, it is true. In the days when the couples lived together, the attraction to each other was greatly reduced, and the emotional burnout period also came quietly. How can we pass it safely? Today we will take a look at how to spend the emotional burnout period of the couple. From time to time to recall some of your love time, when you are in love, you are very impulsive to each other from time to time, may wish to share with you the rest of your love, you will find that feelings instantly sublimate. When you are relaxing on each other on weekends, take the other person and remember the scenes that you loved in the past. Recalling the snack bars you have eaten together, the bus you have worked together will definitely be full of sweetness. Efforts to expand their friends in the circle of love women’s IQ is zero, and it is easy to put the focus of life on the man, in your opinion this is a kind of love, but in the eyes of the other party is a bit of pressure. Let’s spread the attention of love to friends, relatives, and interests, and make your life more balanced, and the passion of life will gradually flow into your feelings. When you have your own life circle and don’t put all your energy into the other person, this kind of emotional state may be really ideal. Xiao Bian recommended: How to maintain the love of marriage in the first-aid marriage of marriage crisis, do not think that women are always enthralling, beauty is your advantage, you can be a temporary advantage, but do not rely on this beautiful. The advantage of a woman depends on the vigorous movement of action. Use your actions to prove yourself, women only constantly improve themselves, when you are aging, you will not sigh that time is to kill the knife, but the accumulation of years makes you a little more mature, and this mature The charm is not a little girl can use the cosmetics to trace it. Women who learn to be indifferent are very excited. Especially when they are young, it is easy to get grumpy when they meet a little thing. This is what we have to learn to understand in our feelings. Starting today, your tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and every day after that, you must learn to be indifferent. Your love should not be embarrassed because of the criticism of outsiders. You must know that these boring people and things are testing you invisibly. Emotional strength. Holding a grateful attitude every day is not how much the world deserves to be grateful, but as long as you are grateful, your troubles will be reduced. You love him, he loves you, this is not the right thing to do. A girl who has love in her heart will process all the “bad” self of the man into “good.” With gratitude, your mouth will not be able to hold up, how can luck be worse in this state of life? guess