Seven sins after marriage lead to “sexual dissatisfaction”

In marriage, the importance of sex life is self-evident. Sexual dissatisfaction is the most common problem in marriage. There are many reasons for sexual dissatisfaction. In addition to the most common passions, the many behaviors of women in marriage are also an important and irresistible marriage dissatisfaction. the elements of. Now, let’s take a look at what behaviors of married women are killing the quality of couple sex. It is not important for the financial power of the family to grasp the family. It is important to disclose the bill with your partner in time to let the partner know where the money is going. According to the survey, the primary reason for the dispute between husband and wife is the question about money. To solve this problem, first confess your current account to your other half, and then use the budget software to jointly establish a financial plan for scientific and rational financial management. Xiaobian recommended: How can a wife be spoiled to make a man’s soft caress bring a desire to die? Give up a circle of friends. Even after marriage, a woman should have her own circle of friends and the circle of communication. She should not alienate her friends, but she should In the family, this will put men under pressure. Be aware that friends are the key to getting a perfect marriage, so go out with your sisters at night. Although you can’t hunt a handsome guy now, you can still help your sister to find a good boyfriend. No fun in bed This is a fatal mistake that leads to sexual dissatisfaction between husband and wife. So, some changes are needed at this time. Don’t excuse to say that your work is busy, even if your work is busy, it is not a good excuse to avoid sex. So, take your sex seriously and have more fun in the bed. For example, using NEA Niya, you can experience the pleasure of the Niya massager with the touch of a button. Shouting at him in marriage, husband and wife are the closest people, but there should be a minimum of respect between the two, do not have no taboo on their husbands, always yelling. Do you think that this is your husband anyway, and it doesn’t matter how you want to treat him? This idea is wrong! Bad relationship with the in-laws is a common problem for many women. The vast majority of women and their in-laws are not very harmonious, and can even say that the relationship is cold. Even if your other half complains about your family, you must resist the urge to help, or turn around and their family will deal with you. Don’t fight in marriage every day. It is normal for two people to have friction. It is normal to have a small fight. However, it does not mean that after marriage, when you are quarreling, you can unscrupulously lick your husband’s lower body. . When you are really noisy, leave the battlefield and let each other calm down for a few minutes. It is normal to become a baby to control marriage and have children. Especially in China, this concept is more common. Usually, you have your own baby within one or two years after marriage. Is it time to calm down, why should you want children so quickly? When you are not ready to climb your baby at four o’clock in the morning, enjoy the good times and holidays. In short, in marriage, there are many reasons for affecting sexual desire and causing sexual dissatisfaction. The above list is only the most common ones, and there are many factors that play a bad role, requiring both husband and wife to pay attention. Guess what you like: What sex games do you want to make the most love? More content, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network gender channel: