How can we make couples “like a rubbery knee”?

There is a saying of “seven years of itch” in marriage life. It is said that the couples who are immersed in love will increase in time, and the love between them will decline. In order to prevent the couple’s feelings from hindering and cracking, it is necessary to know how to increase the intimacy. This will make each other’s love last forever. The common pursuit of love as a kind of social year is destined to be influenced by many factors such as social politics, economy and culture. It is impossible to be isolated from the world and be self-sufficient. Love is the driving force of business, and career is the sublimation of love. I hope that the lover must become a strong person. There is not necessarily a lot of people who are responsible for the society. Anyone who has a sense of responsibility to the society wants their lover to pay attention to the society, has a strong sense of professionalism, and has a constant pursuit of the cause. Therefore, the husband and wife after marriage are all day-to-day, and I am enclosing myself in the small circle of the individual family. The temperature of love is difficult to last. With new goals in the business, couples can continue to deepen their understanding and overcome difficulties in the common deeds and pursuits, which will bring opportunities for emotional new integration. Praise each other, affirm or remind each other, a glanced look, a smile of a smile, a warm praise, will bring intoxication to each other. When you go out, or marry the other party’s birthday, send a small gift, you will sing love in the heart of your lover; the wife washes clothes, the husband used to help; the husband wrote an article at the desk, the wife sent a cup of hot tea; Even before and after work, a warm farewell and a kind greeting will make the other person feel his or her position in his heart and produce a sense of satisfaction. There are many ways to convey information and express feelings between husband and wife. It seems that the trivial small things, as long as they can often appear in family life, can add a tender feeling and a little attention between husband and wife. It is especially important to note that after having a child, the wife must never “hang” her husband. Xiao Bian recommended: Vigilance: Sexually ruined happy marriage, remarried couples, how can they live a good life, give each other space, the combination of sex is the combination of feelings and life, not the dissolution of personality and personality, the two sides are not the shadow of each other, so Don’t force it to be inseparable. Otherwise, just like eating and drinking will make people lose their appetite, and sticking together will make people interested. The relationship between men and women is only partially agreed. Both sides can have their own friends and hobbies, and they can have more topics. When there is a separation, there is a moment to miss each other. Give each other a distance, a space, let them go to the desire, to wait with tenderness. Therefore, appropriate small, increase the freshness between husband and wife. As the saying goes, “Small wins and wins new marriages”, psychologically speaking, this is due to artificially causing distance, so that the image of each other in the other’s mind has always been new. A benign effect is formed. In a sense, there is no freedom without distance, no attraction without distance, and the interval between time and space tends to increase the intensity of love. More humor and understanding, it is possible to promote mutual affection. In the face of the complicated social life, especially the trivial things in the family life, sometimes it is necessary to have more courage to withstand difficulties and the ability to control life. Humor in the family can alleviate psychological stress, especially the humorous language in the couple’s life, often stimulating emotional waves. Because humor is a symbol of perseverance, calmness, wisdom, and ability, it is a mediator of family conflicts. People in the world have a natural instinct: they don’t want to hear others accuse them. The husband and wife will live forever and forever, and they need mutual understanding and tolerance. There is no one in the world who is missing the dollar. Inflexible is another kind of fragility. The subjective impatience and blame of any party between husband and wife will make the relationship tend to be dull and shrinking. This needs to be overcome. (Source: Tencent-Fashion Channel) Guess what you like: Outdoor passion creates perfect sex and stocking to retain the man’s heart. More content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network’s gender channel: