Children become third parties in the sex life of couples

It is inevitable that men and women will have children, so that they can enjoy the happiness of the family and let life continue from generation to generation. However, children in the family are likely to become “third parties” that affect the sex life of couples. In order to make marriages happy, it is necessary to pay attention to this issue. Many people in the first few months of the marriage to the first few years, usually have some little friction or misunderstanding, and even quarrel, this is due to the frequent running-in period after marriage, regardless of whether men and women will be intentionally or unintentionally hidden in love. Some of my own shortcomings, every day after marriage, what problems will be exposed, most couples will retreat or gradually adapt to each other, and will also think that after the child has something, everything will be better. But in fact many families have caused new contradictions due to the existence of children, which will also cause disharmony in sex. When the wife is pregnant, the body will become fatter, the uterus will grow bigger and bigger, and the postpartum uterus will not recover quickly. At the same time, the abdominal muscles are soft, she will be worried about her body shape, and because she has no time or interest. Going to exercise, physical changes will make the husband lose the interest in sex when he is newly married. Other wives who have children have a crush on their own dressing, and can a husband who is not dressed can keep her husband interested? It’s really hard to say. After giving birth to a child, you should feed your child. At this time, the milk will often flow out, the breasts will become loose, and there will be some special smells, which will affect the husband’s sexual taste. Most men mistakenly believe that when a woman has a child, the vagina will become loose, and will there be such a pleasure as a new marriage? With the child, the original two-person world relationship has changed, and the great mother-in-law has made the wife shackled. The child’s body, time and energy are given to the husband less, the husband will feel his loss psychologically, and will lose interest in sex for a long time. The arrival of children also increases the amount of family expenses. Money is a good thing, but it is also an important cause of conflict. If the wife does not go to work after giving birth, the family’s economic income depends on the husband, then the man will spend more energy to work, the wife can not care and care as before, and the wife is more dependent on the husband, maybe There will also be grievances with other people’s families due to insufficient economic income. Couples may have more quarrels due to money, and their moods are not good, and sex will be abnormal. In educating children, couples may also have different opinions. They are generally strict fathers and mothers. When children are young, the problem is still small. As children grow up, education problems are extremely important. Or the attitude of making mistakes, couples are prone to unhappiness, which leads to emotional disharmony and affects the normal relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, there is a child in the family. After the “third party”, how to maintain the harmony of husband and wife must pay attention to it. In view of the above, we must first learn some sexual knowledge, and understand that there is no significant change in female sexual organs after birth, eliminating the wrong sexual concept. Sexual confusion and improvement of mental state are the most important methods of mental adjustment. Secondly, the wife must correctly handle the relationship between raising children and the life of the husband and wife. While thinking about the children, we must not forget the existence of the husband, especially the husband. To undertake more income-generating work, we should give more help and comfort in life and in the spirit, so that the husband can feel the warmth of the family, and the sex will naturally be as good as ever; once again, both husband and wife should have a family economy and educate the children. On the issue, we should unify our understanding and act in unison, especially not to make big noises in front of the children, let the other party not let go, affect the marital relationship, which is conducive to the healthy growth of the child’s body and mind; finally, the husband and wife should always maintain common activities, such as Housework should be done by husband and wife. It is another matter to do more and do less. It is important to promote couples. Sense, but also cultivate a common interest, it is best to allow children to participate together, sharing their grandchildren, under good mood will be harmonious sexual satisfaction.