Have a baby, how to live a couple life

Q: After my wife gave birth to a cute baby, I transferred all my energy to my child. My sexual interest has been decreasing. What should I do? A: Women generally return to normal after about six weeks after childbirth. Half of the mothers are at least Sexual love loses “sexual interest” within half a year because the new mother needs to face physical and emotional changes. In the process of this transformation, although some couples’ sexual love will face devastating disasters – causing sexual indifference, sexual aversion, sexual fear, and leading to the breakdown of marital relations. But the sex of most couples will still be brilliant after the appearance of the cute “third party.” I believe their stories will be of benefit to everyone. Breaking the routine – night life begins from noon, and the beautiful young lady is married, and she is married to Mr. Tao who is seven or eight years older than her. He is an ordinary person, has no right and no money, and their combination is entirely because of love. After his marriage, his love for Miss Luo was even more vivid. Regardless of day and night, every corner of the house may become a place where they can kiss and linger. However, with the birth of the child, they completely broke the sexual order of their carnival. Their sex is also dying because of the physical and psychological changes in Miss Luo’s postpartum. I finally hope that the child can play in the ground, but the little guy is very good. As long as he sees his mother, there is no such thing as Mr. Tao and Miss Luo, especially at the golden moment of the night. Excited, they often tossed out and exhausted before they fell asleep, although the strong desires and temptations rushed again and again, eager to spend time with his wife, Wushan, but they had no “sex” interest. When the child reached the age of enrollment, they decided to enter the half. When I sent my child to work at noon, I came home from work at noon. They felt as if they had entered another world. A distant silence, sweet and sweet, suddenly they hunted them together. The two passions were hard to hold together… I found the feeling of sex in the past. With this full-fledged Chinese food experience, they tried to push away all the entertainment at noon, and tacitly interpreted one after another, the phoenix and the symphony. Couples have sex and there is no clear rules and regulations that require a night. After the normal sexual life encounters the impact of children’s shocks, Mr. Tao scientifically uses the children’s living space for half-care, and adjusts the time of making love to noon, which not only avoids the contradiction between children and children. , to the greatest extent possible to meet each other’s sexual needs, but also fully guarantee the time to raise children. Similar sex-specific time adjustments can also consider sending a child to a parent on weekends, and the couple will have a “week week” without distraction. Tightening myself – using the shrunken ball to add charm to love, Ms. Li is very upset, because her husband did not have much sex with her after giving birth to her baby. Every time she finished sleeping, Ms. Li tried to entangle him, but Every time my husband has a snack, he is not very happy. He didn’t feel much at the moment he entered her body. He didn’t feel full and his husband didn’t feel comfortable. What is the reason for this? Ms. Li has a hard time thinking about it. Later, in the mother circle, Ms. Li poured water on other mothers, only to know that it was because she had given birth to her baby, the pelvic floor muscles were slack, and the vagina was not tightened before, so her husband’s sexual interest was reduced. So through the recommendation of other sisters, she used Durex to feel the intimate and firming dumbbells, and through the light and heavy two dumbbells combined with the tailor-made advanced training courses, I helped myself find the best pelvic floor training method for myself. In the relaxed and effective pelvic floor muscle training, grasp the inner beauty and be the sexy and firm woman. In the afternoon, Miss Hu made a special trip to the beauty salon, so that the beauty lady gave herself a full-service. In the evening, when Mr. Zheng was waiting for a long time at home, she quietly came to the gentleman with a fresh and beautiful image. This evening, they did not watch TV, and they slept their children to bed early, and the two sides were immersed in the warmth of caress. Ms. Tiger is deeply excited about the success of her plan to save her sex. From the perspective of sexual aesthetics, the good feelings between men and women depend first on the appearance and appearance. The reason why the handsome Mr. Ji will fall under the pomegranate skirt of Miss Tiger, the key is the attractive effect of her appearance, manners and manners. Regrettably, after she had a child, because of her busyness, neglect of dressing, casual dressing, and changes in body shape, the beautiful image has disappeared. How can it arouse the love of the gentleman and the desire for sex? No matter how busy, annoying, or awkward your wife is, you must be as lover as you are, modify your instrument and wear, always maintain an elegant and feminine manner, often appear in front of the gentleman with a fresh look, new hairstyle, new The costumes (especially the new underwear) and the new makeup will make the gentleman feel fresh and return to the spring of sex. Sharing the housework – caring for the caring for the passion. Mr. Ning’s parents are all leading cadres, because they are the only sons, they have been spoiled by them. Mrs. Ning was sitting on the moon for a while, and her body was weak. Although Mr. Ning also helped his wife wash the diapers and lick what, but it was just forced by the situation. Half a year later, Mrs. Ning’s body basically recovered. Mr. Ning’s “hard labor” finally broke his head, and his long-lost sexual desire was just around the corner. Even though she Sometimes I also want to fulfill her husband’s sexual requirements, but her hard work with her children and the hard work of doing housework really wiped out all her “sex” interest, and there is no spirit of making love. One night, Mr. Ning wrapped his wife to make love. She said helplessly: “I am so tired that I am all over the shelf, and I have thoughts!” “Also Mr. Ning has love, he said: “Or, I will give you a massage, how?” He said, he really did it. I don’t know if Mr. Ning’s massage played a role, or his hospitality. Touching Mrs. Ning, she embraced him tenderly like water, and the two of them were eager for a while. After the incident, Mr. Ning asked her with a sneak peek: “Do you know, the culprit of your coldness?” “Who?” “For the time being, confidentiality. Mr. Ning, Mrs. Chong smiled awkwardly. Sure enough, the next morning, Mr. Ning got up early and made a breakfast for his wife. Next, Mr. Ning was like a person, always rushing. Doing housework and taking children. Mrs. Ning’s labor load has been reduced, her mental stress has also been reduced, and she feels more relaxed when she is moved. The long-lost “sex” interest is once again hitting happy. Taking care of children is a very hard work. The husband often can’t help much. If the parents are not around, the burden will fall on the wife’s shoulders, wash and wash, and cook. After a day, they will be exhausted and have a sore leg. In addition to taking the children, In the current family structure, a large part of the household chores have to be done by the wife. This work is not easy. The double labor of the wife and the mother consumes a lot of female physical strength. The biggest wish to lie in bed at night is to sleep well. I feel that, as Mrs. Ning said, “Which is a matter of heart and soul.” Fortunately, Mr. Ning’s quick understanding, affectionate care and affectionate wife, take the initiative to share the housework and relieve his wife’s physical and mental stress. More free time for both husband and wife, reawaken each other’s emotional attachment, and constantly provoke sexual jealousy. Sharing the family – romantic love sprinkled with Eden if Ms. Li does not love Mr. Gao is unreasonable, because before marriage Li The purpose of the fall of the lady and her parents is to marry Mr. Gao. However, since Ms. Li gave birth to a child, her enthusiasm for Mr. Gao has plummeted, not to mention sex. For this reason, Mr. Gao often laments that he is only bad. The monk is not willing to live longer. He thinks: The wife loves children is a cherish for their love crystallization, but the taste of being left out is quite embarrassing, and they can’t be jealous with their children. However, the winding path is quiet, why can’t I follow it and find the resonance point of the couple’s feelings in the child. After that, he does not forget to squeeze out the time to mingle with the child every day. On weekends, he takes the initiative. When I was in the children, I invited my wife to the park together. In the park, they looked at the children who grew up and sensible every day. Playing games, passion about the joy in my heart, they Beikaozhuobei, hand in hand, around the child, family, sex life and even whisper whisper, once emotions “shortage At the end, the two people were moisturized and “greened out.” At the end, the two men together took the excited and unfinished children and set foot on the sunset to give the pedestrians the last romantic scene of the most romantic family. Back home, Ms. Li Reminiscent of the romantic sweet scene, a happy and full of passion filled the heart, she lingered on the shoulders of the gentleman, and put the full of sexual passion to him “exploitation.” From a psychological point of view, the wife and the child are closely related However, the relationship with her husband is alienated. Some mothers can talk to the baby in the shackles for a long time, but there is nothing to say with the husband. It seems that there is nothing wrong with it. But in terms of reason, how can the wife have Does the child not want a husband? If that is the case, does the husband become a tool for insemination? So, a smart husband like Mr. Gao is keenly aware that the child is not a burden and obstacle to the sex life of the couple, even though the wife has children and is left out I am myself, but this is the inevitable second shift of a woman’s feelings. As the child grows up day by day, the couple’s life continues to appear in the new world. , Children will have a lot of common topics and a common language, the original play down the marital relations will become strong together around the sex life will become more harmonious and happy.