How to live a couple life after pregnancy

In October, pregnancy has added a lot of joy and hope to the lives of husband and wife, and the love of husband and wife has become more intense. In terms of sexual life, after pregnancy, in addition to the early and late stages of pregnancy, the woman will be slightly affected by sexual desire such as early pregnancy reaction and physical and mental fatigue. At other times, sexual desire generally does not decrease significantly, and the sexual desire of the man tends to increase. And without contraception after pregnancy, it will give people a sense of liberation, improve the couple’s sexiness, and make the combination of the two become more intense. This time is a wonderful chapter in marriage. However, an incorrect sex life during pregnancy can have a serious impact on the fetus. Therefore, although couples during pregnancy do not need complete abstinence, restrictions are necessary. According to the chronological order: In the early stage of pregnancy (1 & mdash; 3 months), the placenta has not yet developed, is in an unstable state, and the secretion of progesterone that maintains the function of the fetus in the uterus is not sufficient, so it is most likely to have a miscarriage. In addition, semen contains prostaglandins, which can stimulate uterine contractions and can easily lead to miscarriage. Therefore, this period will reduce the number of sexual intercourse than usual, and should be discharged in vitro. In the middle of pregnancy (ie, 4 months later), the placenta is completed, the fetus is stabilized in the uterus, the risk of miscarriage is greatly reduced, the early reaction of pregnant women disappears, the secretion of sexual organs increases, and a happy sexual life can be enjoyed, but should be controlled. Not to be happy. In the later stages of pregnancy, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, sexual intercourse will bring bacteria to the vagina. Once in labor, bacteria can cause serious birth or postpartum infections in the body, and severe cases can threaten mother and child life; in addition, it can easily lead to premature birth. Therefore, sex is strictly forbidden in this period. Throughout pregnancy, sexual life should adhere to two principles: First, it can not oppress and impact the abdomen of pregnant women; Second, because the blood vessels of the vagina and uterine mucosa of pregnant women become thick and congested, it is easy to be injured and hemorrhage, so the action should be calm and not rough. violent. Specific requirements are there. 1. There are many kinds of sexual positions, and the pregnancy should be in the lateral position (male behind the woman), and do not change the position frequently in sex. 2. Pay special attention to local hygiene. Do not put your fingers into the vagina before sexual intercourse, which will easily damage the inside of the vagina and cause bacterial infection. 3. Male genital insertion should be shallow, tics should be slow, experts recommend 1/3 in the vagina, no more than 1/2. Also, don’t over-stimulate the nipple. Abstinence is to be absent in the following situations: 1. Pregnant women have bleeding or abdominal pain. 2. There have been multiple abortions before. 3. There are more serious pregnancy complications, the most common is hypertension syndrome; the period of abstinence is a period of time for the husband to be patient; should try to divert attention and avoid sexual stimulation, but if the sexual desire is excited, the long-term dissatisfaction will Causing sexual tension, which is detrimental to physical and mental health; At this time, masturbation can be masturbated by occasional masturbation, temporarily replacing the normal husband and wife life. Pregnancy is a special period of family life. Happiness and risk coexist. Couples must care for each other, understand each other, and cooperate with each other in order to successfully overcome the difficulties.