How to discuss sexual life issues with my wife

Question: I feel a little bit incongruous with my wife’s sex life recently. It is worse than before. But every time she wants to talk to her wife, she is very embarrassed. I asked what, she said it was very good. An intellectual wife is sometimes very tired. How can I discuss the problems in my sexual life with my wife? Answer: A harmonious sex life can make couples’ feelings more harmonious and make their bodies and minds healthier. But many times sex is not necessarily so harmonious. So you need to communicate and communicate. Before you communicate, you should first understand the secrets of sex life and make sex life less mysterious. Secrets Almost everyone masturbates regardless of age or marital status or social status. When sexual life is not harmonious enough, it can also help the other person to masturbate, in fact, it is to care for the private parts of women. Of course, before caressing, it is best to apply some Durex moisturizing aloe body lubricating fluid to ensure moist and smooth, prevent pain. Secret 2 Although sexual fantasies may be good, they are often disappointing once implemented. In this case, expectation is better than implementation. The best sex life is based on reality, true love and sincere communication. The honesty of love is the guarantee for a healthy life. Secret Three All men have sexual worries at a certain time. Of course, this worry increases with age. Abnormal brain or heart can affect sexual life. A woman who does not know this may exert tremendous pressure on men. However, when the heart and brain operate in a good relationship of love, they are always able to overcome all sexual challenges. Secret Five Most men and women retain each other’s sexual secrets when they get along. The typical situation is this: in most people-to-human relationships, sexual development is much faster than emotional revealing. Therefore, in those relationships that remain persistent, sexual patterns are often formed before they have the opportunity to discuss sexuality. Once the pattern of sexuality is determined, it becomes more difficult to discuss change because we are sensitive to each other’s sexual weaknesses. Understanding these secrets will help to explore a better sexual life between husband and wife. So how do you talk about sex? How to approach the topic of sexuality First, choose the right time and determine the date for this important discussion. Be sure to listen to each other’s insights, not to explain to each other. Sometimes we need to stop and let the other party talk. Deeper Sexual Needs When in-depth sexual needs are publicly revealed and discussed, the practice of showing how emotional and social needs need to be loved and accepted is really over. Once these in-depth needs are accepted and brought to the attention, it is shocking that the problems left in our lives will be solved.