Secrets that men never say

Every man has deep secrets of his own, even for the closest companion, they will not reveal these little secrets. What is the best state of husband and wife relationship? That is to understand each other and treat each other sincerely, so that the two hearts are getting closer and closer. As a smart woman, we should try our best to understand the privacy of the husband. Only by figuring out these problems can we solve the problem from the root cause. So, what privacy is there? Third: low resistance to beauty. There are not a few men in the world who are Liu Xiahui. The beauty is not tempted. Beauty is a gap that every man can’t overcome in his life. Even heroes are no exception. It has nothing to do with the character and greatness of men. From a genetic point of view, a man sees a beautiful beauty will have a secret of tenderness and romantic fantasies. This kind of tenderness may be a long-term smile. This kind of fantasy may be a scent of hair, or even they may be The collapse of instant sensibility and the loss of principle….. In any case, these hidden changes will be there for every man. As for what kind of result will be related to the cultivation and self-control of men, and never Like some women’s innocent imagination: “He is a very orthodox man, he won’t think so!” In fact, the key to the problem is that some men behave “thinking”, and some men are acting intuitively. . But in fact, the more savvy a man is, the more he sees such a hard injury as a big privacy. Fourth: the inferiority of the man with a heroic complex, there is a hard wound in my heart. On the one hand, they are strict with themselves and work hard to make money, so as to realize their own life value and satisfy their own “heroism” needs; on the other hand, in reality, they are always hit by a nose, many things are It can only be counterproductive. So the huge gap makes them painful and confused, but the appearance must pretend to be strong to prove their strength. For a long time, they will seek a kind of mental decompression and emotional venting for various other reasons. The performance may be: when he sees that other children’s children are smart and can learn, he will suffer from the dullness, clumsiness and ignorance of his own children. Sometimes he will even pass this frustration to his wife and blame her. I didn’t take care of my children at home….. In fact, why are they still unclear in their hearts, how can they be the father and the head of the family? Can they shirk their responsibilities? But they are men, and all kinds of frustration make them need to find a kind of “heroism” supplement at home. . Fifth: the experience of suffering Many men’s success, not only by hard sweat. Because of the pressure of survival and the mentality of quick success, men may have to suffer from suffering, and even have to learn to endure “the humiliation of Han Xin.” These things, whether the man is responsible for the marriage or the protection of his personal dignity, will not be easily told to others, including his wife, which has nothing to do with the depth of love, maybe this is “man’s The best embodiment of the mind like the sea.