Global Survey Report: How to catch up with the goddess of your choice

Men will continue to learn new sexual knowledge for the perfection of sex. This is not the psychology of individual men. Scientists have conducted a survey of men in 35 countries and regions and asked them “what is the sex skill you most want to improve?” . The most common answer is: I hope to seduce women more effectively and climax for female partners. In other words, men all over the world realize that only by igniting the desire of their female partners can they enjoy more intense sex. It is natural to give a sexual love invitation. This is the advice given by British sexologist Emily Dubley. Don’t be too deliberate when making a sexual invitation to a female partner. It’s best not to be able to help, for example, after a deep kiss, tell her “You are so attracted to me, it’s better to go to the bedroom and have a hot time.” All this seems to be a matter of course, and women don’t think men only think about “sex.”