How long is it best for men and women to stay in the house?

Many couples have such a question, that is, how long it takes for sex life to be carried out once, if sex life is too much, and it is afraid of hurting one’s body, how long is it necessary for men and women to stay in the house for the first time? Give everyone a question about this question, and people who want to know can have a good look. Everyday experts comment: praise your extraordinary energy, but don’t “sex for sex”, ignore the emotions. John Ganeton, a professor of sociology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, suggested that in the most recent month, pay attention to the time and number of sexes, and discuss with partners whether the frequency of sex is appropriate, and strive to satisfy both physical and mental aspects. . Two weekly expert reviews: This is the “standard sex frequency” that many people stick to, but Dr. Eric Jensen, an expert at the Institute of Sexology at Indiana University, said that this is actually not scientific. The true scientific frequency of sex is determined by the needs of the body and the emotions of both parties. Couples live together for a long time, the frequency of sex will form a habit, easy to become more formal than the essence. At this point, the couple must learn to break the routine, such as changing the fixed time and place. One month only one expert comment: When the husband and wife sex is only once a month, the two sides need to openly and honestly engage in a one-time love dialogue. Experts pointed out that at this time it is likely that there is a problem with one’s body or feelings, but the relationship between husband and wife is still sustainable. The two sides should solve the problem through communication, such as the wife’s greater efforts in sex, and the husband is willing to lower his sexual love requirements. Everyone has read the above introduction, and we should all know that it is most appropriate for men and women to stay in the house for a long time. There is no special absolute requirement. Everyone has their own different rules. The most important thing is that the husband and wife decide for themselves. Personally feel comfortable, no matter how long it is not a big problem.