It is necessary to learn to control the time and frequency of the house.

Many men want to fight faster for their own comfort, but different sex time has different combat strategies, and the key to making love is not how strong you are, but whether you will control the whole situation. Master the rhythm of the whole process. If you sprint like Liu Xiang in the first kilometer of the marathon, then you must be bored. Therefore, to learn to adjust the speed is also one of the compulsory courses to keep pace with the times. God, only 5 minutes, can this be adjusted? Although it sounds incredible, this short-term encounter may be encountered frequently. It doesn’t matter, even if the minute is just around 5 laps, there are ways. Use a streamlined integration approach to package and compress the entire process and pick the best implementation. The short-term benefits are like the “exciting moments” in football games, or the selection of NBA’s five best balls in CCAV. The whole process is a collection. You can consider fast-forward, that is, two people standing and entering behind. It is named fast-forward, and it is definitely verified by predecessors. 30 minutes to make love tactics: take a photo with the baton, take a good look at each other’s body, this can play twice the result with half the effort, you must know that your goal is not only to cool yourself, but also to take care of each other’s feelings, to achieve a common climax . Kiss or touch her sensitive corners, such as the wrists, elbows, and the back of the knees. The nerves in these areas are extremely sensitive. It is important to note that the nerves will predict your movements, so don’t go straight and take the circuit. In order to achieve the best effect, it is not intended to cover up.