How can men and women make each other’s emotional relationships more perfect

Although men are the protagonists of sex, as long as there is always a lack of passion between husband and wife, it is time for women to learn how to flirt to cope with this situation. And even if there is no husband, women can convey sexual interest to possible subjects, which usually leads to the rapid development of the relationship between the sexes, the stronger the call, and the better the emotional relationship established. Women must learn advanced flirting method 1, senior flirting If you are not satisfied with the “long line” flirting, and want to conduct more long-term exchanges, you can consider the following flirting skills: The role of praise: compliments the object should be directly the other party, not light Boast an object. If you say, “I like your tie.” It will make the man feel confused. I don’t know if you like a tie or a person, so you should say: “You wear that tie quite handsomely, it Make your eyes look very clear.” 2, ask some clear-cut questions, don’t talk, talk about others, and ask others about their privacy. Questions such as “Where are you growing up?” or “Do you love watching horror movies?” are easy and pleasant, and they show that you are willing to know each other. Please don’t mention the heavy questions of “the theme is too big”, such as “What is your life goal?”. Expressing a cheerful and easy-going charm, you can tell him that you saw him at that boring rally. You can revisit a topic she said last week. You can tell him that you like his new hair. You can tell her how fascinating you are when you first hear her laughter.