It’s good to have a spring dream, and it’s easy to release the depression.

Sleep is a normal physiological need of human beings. Deep and sweet sleep is what everyone wants, but anyone inevitably encounters insomnia during their long life. Spirit, trauma, drugs, and strong tea can also cause insomnia. So, does sexual life disharmony and imperfection lead to insomnia? The answer is natural! American physiologists have done a lot of investigations, and the survey found that imperfect sexual life is an important reason for some people to lose sleep. When a person is in a period of high sexual desire and does not get a physiological vent for a long time, the nervous system is in a state of high excitement, anxiety, irritability, and then insomnia will follow. This is more prominent in women. This is because there is a big gap between male and female sexual desire, orgasm and sexual desire. Male sexual desire can be quickly stimulated, and sexual orgasm can be reached quickly during the whole sexual intercourse. After sexual orgasm, sexual desire can quickly subside. Therefore, men can quickly fall asleep as soon as they reach orgasm (even after masturbation). However, women are different. Women’s sexual desires have a long process of initiation. The platform is also longer. Even after reaching orgasm, the decline of sexual desire is slow, so women are more difficult to achieve perfect harmony than men in sexual intercourse. To the extent that women are more likely to develop insomnia. Therefore, American psychologists suggest that lack of normal sexual life or sexual disharmony is an important cause of female insomnia. Therefore, a perfect and harmonious sex life promotes sleep. After the passionate sexual behavior, the nervous body is relaxed, the muscles are stretched out after the satisfaction, and the mind relaxes after the pleasant drift. Therefore, the couple need to enjoy the wonderful experience brought about by sex life, and then go to sleep together. It’s good to release a spring dream to suppress a psychological dream. It can make us release a certain amount of unsatisfied sexual needs during the day, so it is good for our physical health. The biggest benefit is psychological, because if sexual depression is not released It is possible to cause psychological abnormalities. Moreover, we can know according to the characteristics of sexual dreams, what problems need to be improved in sexual psychology: if the sexual and horrible scenes in the dream are linked, it shows the tendency of sexual repression, if always with the dirty image Contact, that means you have a problem with your sexuality. Sometimes in a dream, we will have sex with our loved ones or with other partners. Some people are uneasy about this. In fact, we don’t have to, we need to know that we only need to be in reality. Behavior is responsible, and there is no need to be realistic with the illusion of a dream, and