When others misunderstand you, the explanation is more nonsense!

We will distort the facts in order to protect ourselves, state the events in a way that is beneficial to them (especially the level of love), or use the excuse that I don’t want to hurt people to say goodwill lies. But in fact you just don’t want to suffer from guilt, you don’t care about other people! The most terrifying thing is that you are convinced that these words are truths and that you are a good person without any evil. You think people around you can easily misunderstand you. When they say that you make me feel strong, you make me feel weak, you make me feel very selfish, you make me feel hypocritical, you make me feel rude, you It makes me feel uncomfortable, when you make me feel a sense of distance… You shouted in my heart that I am not such a person! You all misunderstood me! Don’t know me! Or is it true that when you have emotional explanations about how I actually do it, I am not strong! Not that I am afraid not to be liked, I don’t want to talk to others! Everyone is not willing to approach me! when. You forgot, no matter how you explain it, the feeling of the other party will not change, but the more excited you explain, the more he will think that you are such a person. Feeling this kind of thing, there is no misunderstanding and no misunderstanding position exists, others feel so, feeling does not disappear because of the wrong. What kind of person we are, long before we have spoken or defended, we have a clear picture. For those who feel that you are strong, if you don’t change yourself, you will always feel strong to that person. So you don’t need to explain yourself, or tell people loudly what kind of person you are. No one will believe that you are such a person because of what you said, but to see if you really feel like this. For example, like Sweetie said that he is very temperament, Butterfly said that he is very fierce, Lin Yijie said that he has no perseverance, Nightingale said that he has no empathy, he said that he is very violent, Puding said that he is actually very It’s ridiculous to have the same affinity! If you continue to insist that you are not such a person or even unhappy about it, the only thing that will change is that no one will ever be willing to tell you the truth, but the feelings of others still exist, or do you think that you are such a person, Because the feeling is in the hearts of others, it will not be affected by your defense. So stop vainly defending and explaining yourself (of course if you just want to comfort yourself), only when you really start to accept the feeling that you might give people of certain ethnic groups, can you really start to adjust Will bring you inconvenience or unhappy conditions.