The basic elements of a harmonious life for husband and wife

For men and women in sexual life, they all want their sexual life to be full and emotional, but sometimes they are not satisfactory. Today we are going to discuss the general guidance on how to get a harmonious life for your reference. I. Establishing a correct sexual concept Human sexual life is the basic premise for human beings to multiply. Moderate sexual life is beneficial to both husband and wife. The woman who is full of vitality, ruddy complexion without chloasma, and kindly smiling can be Very “sexual blessing”. It is difficult to imagine that one or both spouses think that sex is filthy, and that ugly, shameful, and even perverted couples can actively participate in and enjoy happiness in their sexual life, let alone harmony. They are only married to do their duty and social obligations. Second, with normal sexual orientation If the sexual orientation is biased, how is homosexuality possible? I once had a male patient, 180cm tall, handsome, because of a year of infertility after marriage, see me carefully, tell me He is a homosexual patient and has never had sex with his wife. Marriage is forced. 3. Physical health of both parties If there are diseases affecting normal sexual function such as diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, endocrine disorders or neurological diseases, the male may have sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction or ejaculation too fast to control sexual dysfunction; May not be sexually excited, difficult to reach orgasm or vaginal dryness. It is difficult to achieve sexual harmony in nature. Fourth, the two emotions and mutual appreciation of each other to enjoy a beautiful and harmonious sex life should be based on love, is your natural performance. If there is no love, do not appreciate each other and even hate each other, how can it achieve tacit understanding to achieve harmony. 5. Elimination of sexual performance anxiety and stress If there is strong anxiety and stress during the sexual life of both men and women, it will affect the normal function of sexual function. 6. Establish a relaxed and free communication channel. Only when the husband and wife can freely exchange their sexual hobbies can they fully apply their sexual skills and bring them to the extreme; no one is an expert, no one knows what stimulus the other side needs at this moment, etc. Harmony can only be achieved through communication. Seven, understand the basic sexual knowledge of my pair of patients, many years after marriage, the examination found that the female urethra is open like a golf hole, surrounded by redness, they used to treat the urethra as a vagina; another pair of infertile couples actually not I know that “wife” is a man; more couples don’t know anything about the physiological reactions in the process of sexual life, and whether the woman reaches orgasm does not know. Mastering some basic sexual anatomy and physiology knowledge before sex life is a must for a harmonious life.