Man’s best woman’s privacy has 4 points

Some men don’t understand why women clearly push you when they need it. In fact, men don’t understand. This is just a tactic of a woman. When she pushes you away, she has already done a good job. Embrace your preparation. 1. The first pair of shoes is more memorable than the first kiss. According to some surveys, 92% of women remember the shoes they bought with their own money for the first time. Whether they bought brand-name shoes or discounted goods on the street, they only remembered the names of their first kisses, but only 63% of women. Can think of it. Even more exaggerated is that 96% of women feel sorry for discarding a pair of shoes, but only 15% have the feeling of abandoning their boyfriends. 2. Wednesday is like the day when my aunt came. Most women have their own independent opinions about going to work, neither want to work too hard, and do not want to be bored. However, it is ridiculous that it is a compulsory course for a woman to go to work before going to work. It is also common to brush my toothpaste on my face with my eyes closed. For Monday, I don’t know what the free state is. And Wednesday is more like a black watershed, looking forward to this day, taking advantage of this day, so this time their emotions are very unstable, just like the days when the aunt came. 3, 80% of women are not very satisfied with their body. Even a very dazzling model or a bright-eyed star often shows some dissatisfaction with a certain part of his body. Many women even think that they are either not full enough in the chest or feel that they are not sexy enough. The body feels that his face is not attractive enough. In the eyes of a woman, I am never the most beautiful one. Therefore, many women will perform some minor operations on some unsatisfactory places, or some inferiority. 4, more than 70% of women’s husband is not their preferred spouse, or does not meet the original mate selection criteria. Although many of them now live a happy and happy life, in fact, 70% of women’s husbands are not their first choice. The reason why I choose my current husband is because I feel that my mate selection criteria are not in line with the actual needs, or that reality is more important than love.