Psychological analysis of women eager to have male girlfriends

Many people think that there is no pure friendship between men and women, and some people think that there is no existence. Then is there a pure friendship between the women? This is not a good answer, but maybe some of the opposite sex friends who are girlfriends The classmates still have a lot of thoughts. We are not proficient in love psychology. We don’t know who thinks in our minds, and we don’t know how to read minds. Let’s see if there is anything that has to be said about TA’s opposite sex. Is there a pure friendship? Let’s put it aside. Xiaobian together to see why women like men’s girlfriends. Why do women like men’s girlfriends and men’s girlfriends, women understand. They can be your trash can, driver, bodyguard and intimate brother without any complaints. They are relaxed companionship and strong support. However, from a psychological point of view, this is also the projection of Animus in the heart of women. Through the male girlfriends to help themselves stabilize their hearts, enrich their perspectives and make the relationship more complete. With the hit of the TV series “I love male girlfriends”, the male girlfriends have become a fashionable word in both the drama and the drama. Check out the famous male girlfriends that are familiar to everyone: Cai Kangyong is in Xiao S, Huang Xiaoming is in Zhao Wei, He Wei is in Xie Na, Dai Jun is in Li Jing… With the development of society, women are no longer satisfied with same-sex girlfriends. Friendship. Because different from the same-sex girlfriends, the male girlfriend can not only accompany you to cry, accompany you to laugh, accompany you crazy, accompany you, listen to you, borrow your shoulders, shelter you from the wind, and can also carry you with a male perspective. Deep spiritual exchange. According to statistics, more than half of women have male girlfriends. This shows that women seem to need men’s girlfriends. It is said that women with male girlfriends are more attractive and even have a stronger sense of happiness, which makes people feel envious. In the end, the male girlfriends satisfied the psychological needs of the woman. 1. I saw the dawn from a mess. “The male girlfriend is my spiritual teacher. He knows me very well and can communicate with me spiritually.” Say, “Same-sex girlfriends can go shopping together, gossip, chat with family to raise children; husband can raise children with themselves and assume the economic responsibility of building a family; The male girlfriends just make up for the part that both husband and female girlfriends can’t satisfy. If you compare life to a circle, the life of a man with a girlfriend is complete. “Sun Yi’s summary is in place. In the opinion of Dr. Zhang Peichao, a psychological counselor, the male girlfriend really meets the emotion that her husband and ordinary friends can’t satisfy. Her husband meets the male but does not satisfy the secret, and the female friend can’t satisfy the male. Zhang Peichao thinks this is A relationship similar to a transitional object in a transitional space is a perfect relationship. For a married woman, if the husband can satisfy all functions, the function of the male girlfriend will be weakened. Toys, blankets, etc. are transitional objects for babies. When the mother is not around, they can bring the baby a sense of security and comfort, and drive away loneliness and anxiety. The male girlfriend can not only bring us emotional comfort, but also In the view of the psychological counselor Lu Yue, male girlfriends provide women with a warm or a relationship of holding. “In our lives, we may encounter two kinds of troubles. One trouble is that we are injured and we need someone to hug. But sometimes, the injury we suffer is a puzzle and requires a directional guide. Since the male perspective is relatively rational and objective, it will not be so strong as emotions, as if you can see the dawn from a mess. If the relationship between a woman and her husband is not particularly good, she needs a friend of the opposite sex and needs to listen and understand from a male perspective, even a directional guide.