6 changes in the house that indicate men’s change of mind

The most taboo of the two people’s feelings is that one person comes out. However, this situation is derailed. The woman is always infatuated, unless the man is particularly bad for her, and she is often wronged, even if she wants a divorce. Will want to derail. But men are different, and derailment is mostly about stimulating. Then, how can a woman know whether her husband is derailed? How should a woman deal with her husband’s derailment? How do I know if my husband is derailed? 1. The attention to the mobile phone is abnormally increased. Deliberately avoiding you, the phone will let you flip. Nowadays, he often sneaks back to reply to information, and has been facing the mobile phone for a long time. In general, you are well aware of the frequency of men’s information. Whether it is the sudden increase in the amount of information on WeChat or other dating chat tools, and the eyes and movements of his dodge, it is worth your attention. 2, sexual needs greatly reduced sex life is a lubricant in marriage, can make the relationship between the two more intimate, and for men, physiological needs are often more intense than women. If you find that your husband has no sexual interest in you and often refuses sex for various reasons, you should be alert to whether he has an affair. Although physical discomfort, work is too tired, no emotions, etc. can be a legitimate reason, in the long run you must understand whether you are not attractive, let him feel tired, just want to have fun outside. 3, late return and absent-minded when men propose to work overtime or business trips more and more, and late turn into a commonplace, and never willing to ask you cold, women must think about whether the other party has a new love. In order to accompany another woman, he will create the illusion of his busy business, go home and use fatigue as an excuse not to communicate with you. Because his mind is no longer on you, another woman can make him interested. 4, indifference does not like to talk, and does not love to communicate. But you can think about it carefully, and nothing happened to him. 5. Start picking you up and announce “I hate it the most”, but he may be “forgot”. This picky point is exactly where he likes you the most. He is already comparing you with other women in his heart, and he is not as good as her conclusion. This hurts the feelings very much. He can’t accept you anymore. 6. Deliberately open the distance with you on the spiritual level and start to discuss some topics that you are obviously not good at, such as sports, such as cars, as soon as you show confusion and ignorance, they start to laugh and reveal the expression of disgust and disdain. . Analysis: This is why he began to deliberately distance you from the spiritual level. I hope that you will have the idea of ​​”we don’t match” and “I don’t agree with him.”