The performance of men in the face of broken love

Love is better, all lovers are happy and happy. In fact, when you are in love, you should talk about it. Why do you think about the messy things, what kind of house, the car, as long as there is love, through the efforts of two people, the bread must have, depending on whether you can eat The bitterness. Nowadays, many times, it is really impossible to blame those who worship the gold, the society is realistic, and the psychology of people is also blaming. Otherwise, how would you rather sit in BMW and cry than sit on a bicycle and laugh, really can’t blame girls. These are the products of social progress, then, what are the performances of men when they face the breakup of love, and interested friends can come and learn with Xiaobian!! Concealing the painful men to cover their sufferings When the boys are defamed, his first reaction is: I will not let her know how painful I am. How did he do it: go out with a few friends. According to the Men’s Health online survey, 26% of men will be drunk after a breakup, but this is a minority. 36% of men feel that they should see their new rights, and thank those who marry him. In fact, both reactions are masks that mask their true feelings. It does not help at all with sadness and anger. Men have been saddened by lost feelings, even after their beggars. And women will cry immediately after breaking up and will tell the truth. The study found that women face depression when they face their feelings of failure, but they quickly get out of the shadows. Many men want to suppress their emotions, but they can’t release their feelings. One of the reasons why a friend’s teenage sex is faster than a male after breaking up is that women have an amazing circle of friends. Studies have shown that men rely on love for emotional intimacy and social support, and women like to use family and female friends as the safest sustenance. Including mothers, sisters, friend beauticians and drivers, no matter who the other person is, the more she talks, the faster she recovers. On the other hand, men will be dressed up as if they had nothing to do, and they are not trapped by feelings. Six months later, when a man is willing to face his feelings, what he thinks is to go back to the girl. Happy to restore freedom (short) Happy If this man breaks up really does not love this woman, then he will never be sad, but excited about being able to get out of trouble and recover freedom. However, there are also some men who are only happy for a short time. After a period of time, many men will find that they can’t get along with their current girlfriends as naturally as their ex-girlfriends, or that the feeling of single loneliness is very uncomfortable now. How long will it take to adapt, no one can be sure, by personal circumstances set. Admit that the wrong person will never turn back. If a woman breaks up and says that a man is not worthy of him, the man will generally not look back at you. Just admit that I love the wrong person. I thought that you would stick to our feelings like me, and never give up, but you dislike me, I am just a transition period for you. But can you understand, my heart? I love you, but it does not mean that I can tolerate such things happen. Waiting for you to break up, it is your last love. They quickly throw away the past that they no longer want, just like throwing away an old toy. This is a good habit for them to stay mentally healthy, at least no longer. Conclusion: I believe that everyone has some understanding of this article through the introduction of Xiaobian, how to recognize If you want to be a good person, you should talk carefully, don’t be half-hearted, and only then can you have a better life. Of course, as a man, don’t be afraid of falling out of love, you must turn grief and anger into strength, and you will be able to find a good woman. At that time, you will not find a wife.